Today’s highly competitive employee recruitment world has employers spending considerable time and money to find the ideal candidates for their companies. Their campus and young talent recruitment goals may be falling short, due to various challenges. 


Greek Ladders serves as a liaison between the recruiter and the individual job-seeker. As a result, student and alumni job-seekers, Fraternity & Sorority Life offices, campus career centers, and employers all benefit from the Greek Ladders model. Our approach is to connect recruiters to quality talent through a variety of channels, focusing on data and relationships.


We target past and present campus leaders, predominantly those belonging to fraternities and sororities, as they learn, understand, and practice leadership skills on a daily basis. These skills can be directly applied to the workplace.


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    Today’s highly competitive employee recruitment world has employers spending considerable time and money to find the ideal candidates to their companies. Their recruitment of college students and young professionals places them on campuses and in communities across the country, where they attend career fairs, present at small workshops, and interface with career-related staff members. As a result, the candidates, career specialists, and recruiters can be overwhelmed with scores of names, some information, and a bit of frustration.

    Greek Ladders serves as an active liaison between recruiters and job-seekers.

    Employers using Greek Ladders as a resource benefit in multiple ways, including:

    • Post jobs - for the 2018/2019 school year, employers may post as many jobs as they wish, at no cost. Click here to register for this great opportunity to showcase positions in front of thousands of students and recent graduates.
    • View potential candidates - using our Job Board enables employers to view resumes of potential hires. Click here for details and to get started.
    • Speak to current students - we host multiple sessions throughout the school year, where employers can speak to small-to-large groups at a time, either as a stand-alone speaker or on a panel. There may also be networking and other career development activities, where representatives can connect with students. Click here to see how you can join the speaker list.
    • Introductions to job-seekers - in addition to the speaking opportunities, we routinely introduce employers to students, particularly for specific searches or positions. 

    We invite businesses and non-profit organizations to work with us to meet their campus recruiting and hiring objectives. We'll do all we can to connect you to outstanding young talent.



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    Securing a job in today’s employment market is tough. Finding the right job, one that closely resembles the learning and skills acquired during college can be extremely difficult. Not only are college students and recent graduates competing amongst themselves, they’re at a disadvantage when seeking the same positions as those with greater direct skills, experience, and connections.

    Recognizing these challenges, Greek Ladders was created to give job-seekers a “leg up” in the employment recruitment process. Our services are tailored to the needs, interests, and wishes of each candidate. By connecting job-seekers to employers, we at Greek Ladders, want the ideal job seeking path to be both straightforward and more direct. This is made possible by engaged and dedicated staff, who actively establish relationships with candidates, recruiters, and on-campus career officials.

    Job-seekers receive assistance in multiple ways

    1. Career Planning Resources - this website provides a ton of solid information for students and recent graduates to incorporate in their career planning. This includes resume, interviewing, networking, and branding tips, to preparing for career fairs and interviews, to what employers seek in new hires.
    2. Mentor Connections - we connect you to leaders interested in sharing advice and guidance, whether they're from your own chapter or school or your preferred field.
    3. Professional Network - we continually strive to provide new connections to job-seekers in the hopes that it may a) lead to a job interview, b) provide a new mentoring relationship, or c) serve as a new reference. Expanding your professional network should be a regular occurrence, even when you land your great job.
    4. Resume Reviews - send us your resume and we'll give it a full assessment. You may want this unbiased perspective in advance of a career fair, networking session, job application, or interview. Click here to have your resume critiqued.
    5. Job Board - new jobs are routinely added to our online job board. Visit our job board to search for jobs, which may appeal to you. Click here to view the Job Board. 
    6. Get Considered for jobs - if you upload a resume to our job board, employers can view and consider you as their next great hire. Click here for a free way to get considered.
    7. Job References - we're always asked by recruiters for quality talent to consider for their jobs. Introducing them to promising job-seekers is very appealing to us.
    8. Employer introductions - we host and help coordinate small-to-large presentations, industry panels, pre-career fair activities, pre-interviews, networking receptions, and more to bring employers to job-seekers. If you want to learn more about how this may help you and/or your chapter, click here to send an inquiry to our director. 

    It's not always WHAT you know, it's WHO you know. Even more impressive, it's WHO knows YOU! Our mission is to connect job-seekers with employers...and vice-versa. Consider Greek Ladders as one of your career resources.


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