Attention to Detail in Your Resume

Are you confident that your resume is ready to be seen by employment recruiters? Do you even have a resume? This seemingly simple task can be intimidating to many job-seekers. We have tips to help you prepare this important document to get you to the interview phase of your job search process.

We'll focus on just two details. First, how the resume will look.

We found a story posted on the U.S. News & World Report on September 22. Its author, Marcelle Yeager, shares a few pointers regarding how the resume should look in an article entitled, "Is Your Resume Formatted Correctly." She suggests:

  • Margins. Start with 1-inch margins all around the page. Don't extend past 1-inch margins because it's imperative to have some white space on the page.
  • Alignment. Now you should compose your resume in the default Word document. Stick with the default line spacing.
  • Font. Some good choices are Garamond, Cambria, Arial, and Times New Roman. Stick with 11- or 12-point black font.
  • Tables. Many people use tables to feature their skills or competencies. Do not use tables of any kind.
  • Pages. Your resume should not be more than two pages.

These are great tips on how the resume should look. Below are our suggestions on the second area, content.

  • Investment. The best way you can show that you are a worthy investment on your resume is to demonstrate how you’ve already built shareholder value for past employers.
  • Important details. Be sure to write your resume for the specific position, rather than submitting one that’s generic.
  • Mismatches. Did I mention the importance of research? Be sure to take time to research the prospective employer and understand the job requirements. Ask yourself if your resume matches the position you’re seeking.
  • Work Experience. Even if you don’t have much experience, the reviewer will look to see if you either have enough experience or if your experience has you prepared to succeed in the position you’re seeking. It's a great opportunity to describe campus, chapter, and community accomplishments and positions.
  • Spelling mistakes. If your resume has a misspelled word or a grammatical mistake, your resume might get tossed out. Be sure to proofread the resume several times over.

The typical employer initially spends about 15 seconds reviewing each resume.

If you want to create an outstanding resume, you need to quickly capture the reader's attention as quickly as possible. Reviewers look at hundreds of resumes to find the ones they feel give the employer the best fits for the position. They’re selecting those they believe will most successfully carry out the tasks and responsibilities for that particular position.

Your mindset should not be to simply inform the reviewer, yet to sell and showcase your skills, experience, and accomplishments.