AXA Advisors - Next Externship

AXA Advisors seeks candidates for its Next Externship Program. Sophomores to seniors, all majors, are encouraged to apply.

The AXA NEXT program was created with students in mind. It is an exclusive 3 day program designed to attract the most talented students and give them exposure to the financial planning industry; ultimately allowing them to decide if this is the career they would like to pursue upon graduation. After the completion of the 3 events, full internships are available to select candidates for the following semester. This is a great program to add to your resume as you will learn about leadership, entrepreneurship and mentorship. AXA Next is a unique opportunity for college students, and is very different from a traditional internship. Here’s why:

- It is a three day event program and is not a huge time commitment.

- The first two events will be immersive workshops with AXA Vice Presidents that will give you some insight into how we function as Financial Professionals. The third event will be a celebratory dinner in your honor with our VP panel to have some fun and to wrap up the program.

- AXA Next gives you an insight into the daily activities of our financial professionals as well as real-life observations on how we plan for our clients. It is a great way for you to see what it is like to work as a financial professional in a profession where you can really impact others.

- It can serve as a door-opener to a position with our firm upon your graduation. You will be Career- Ready for AXA upon graduation, if you should choose this path.

- Due to the hands on approach of this program, space is very limited and there is an interview process to secure your spot. Email


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