Becky Graham


Becky Graham is the consummate entrepreneur and creative social pundit. Her skills come from a long and varied career history, ranging from working in television journalism, renewable energy and distributed infrastructure coordination, construction management, and media relations, to name a few. Did we mention she's under 30?

Becky is fixated on empowering  younger generations to seize their future and change what has been ill-defined, miscalculated, misappropriated, misguided and generally abused by prior generations. She is currently the Founder and Chief #Solutionist at GenYizem a global community by millennials for millennials focused on empowerment, mentorship, and innovative, sustainable solutions to real world problems.

Becky is based in Washington, D.C. and brings a relentless passion and captivating energy to her audiences.



  • The Millennial Solutionist
  • (Re)Training the Millennial Worker


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