Beta Lambda (University of Arizona)



Beta Lambda Chapter

Alpha Chi Omega

University of Arizona




Greek Ladders Involvement:
All college students should take every opportunity they have to further their leadership skills and prepare them for their future careers. An amazing part of Greek life is being able to network with others who share our values and connecting with alumni in our fields of interest can have a major impact for our futures.


Leadership & Career Philosophy:
Alpha Chi Omega's membership criteria is based on five values: academic interest, character, leadership, financial responsibility, and personal development. All of those relate not only to our time here in college, but to our careers and our futures in general. Alpha Chi Omega selects women who live by these values and who strive to continue to grow in these areas over time.


Key links

Arizona Career Center – be sure to take advantage of what the Center has to offer

Greek Ladders Career Calendar – check often to see if there’s a career-related workshop, reception, or fair at the chapter house or elsewhere on campus

Chapter Career Mentor Program – learn more about what the program could look like


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