Beta-Omicron (University of Denver)

Beta-Omicron Chapter

Kappa Sigma Fraternity

University of Denver




Greek Ladders Involvement:

We, the Beta-Omicron Chapter of Kappa Sigma Fraternity are very excited about our recent involvement with Greek Ladders. By utilizing the leadership, internship and employment opportunities provided by Greek Ladders, we can prepare ourselves for a successful career. We are hoping that Greek Ladders will be able to provide us with ample opportunities to excel in in watch career paths we may choose. Furthermore, as a house that prides itself on being leaders both on and off campus, we hope to be able hone our leadership skills so as to be more effective in our volunteer, and philanthropic endeavors. In today’s world, jobs are increasingly hard to find, and we are excited that our involvement in Greek Ladders can give us the resources both find and succeed in the current job market.


Leadership & Career Philosophy:

It is the goal of every brother to excel in whatever they do both in their career and in their lives.  As such, the Beta-Omicron Chapter strives to create opportunities for growth during the undergraduate years that can benefit brothers for the rest of their lives. By being leaders in our chapter and on campus we develop the necessary skills to excel in whatever career we choose. Furthermore strong alumni network from the chapter provides many unique career opportunities for its members. Overall, the Beta-Omicron Chapter understands the necessity of a good job when finished with college and as such seeks to provide every opportunity for this to occur.


Key links

University of Denver Career Center – be sure to take advantage of what the Center has to offer


Greek Ladders Career Calendar – check often to see if there’s a career-related workshop, reception, or fair at the chapter house or elsewhere on campus

Student Spotlight form – be recommended to potential employers

Chapter Career Mentor Program – learn more about what the program could look like


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