Big offer for the new school year!

Calling all students and employers!!! We're approaching the 2018/2019 in a unique way and we want you to join us in this exciting journey.

Since our founding in March 2013, we've been dedicated to connecting college students and recent graduates to outstanding career opportunities, with the opportunities being career coaching and connections to employers. This continues to be core of our existence.

Some may know that the founders of Greek Ladders are executives from separate successful companies, who value philanthropy and mentoring. Greek Ladders was established to provide opportunities, guidance, and connections to both job-seekers and employers. The goal wasn't to generate as much revenue as possible, but to make as many connections as possible.

For the 2018/2019 school year - ONLY - we're waiving job posting fees.

You read this correctly. We're not charging employers to post jobs, which will be seen by student leaders across North America. This allows employers to post as many positions as they wish, at no cost to anyone, but Greek Ladders. In fact, if you feature a large number of jobs, be sure to create an account, then email your XML Feed URL. 

We're still offering the following specialized services:

  • Semester/Annual Program - provides direct connections to job-seeking students and graduates through email introductions, referrals and references, one-on-one or small group invitations, presentations to groups of 10 or more, and access to uploaded resumes. 
  • Resume Critique - provides reviews and constructive feedback to resumes submitted by job-seekers.

If you think we're crazy, you might be correct. We're extremely passionate about networking, building professional networks, and connecting quality talent with great jobs offered by great employers. You can't put a price on the satisfaction this brings us. Rather than competing with the big job boards and recruiting agencies, we choose to work intimately with job-seekers and employers seeking the next best thing. So what if we offer lower prices...we don't have their overhead.

Join our journey and see how it impacts your hiring or career planning needs. Click on the Employer or Job-Seeker links, sign up, and let's help you exceed your goals!

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