Boost the Appeal of your Career Profile

Getting noticed by employers can be difficult. It doesn't take just one approach, like attending a career fair. It takes a variety of approaches and you may never know which approach clicks with the right employer. An informative online career profile can spell the difference between a good job and a great one.

One of the benefits offered to students through Greek Ladders is the online Career Network. It allows students to provide information, such as experiences, involvement, skills, and career interests which are appealing to employment recruiters.

One great way for candidates to connect with the employers of their choices is to register a large number of career-focused, qualified leaders into the career network. The process to complete an individual career profile in the Career Network is as simple as:

  1. Logon to
  2. Click Join/Login on any webpage

Joining the Career Network is great...welcome!

Leveraging your profile in the Career Network will get you noticed by employers.

These recruiters are busy canvassing the network for potential hires. At the same time, we (Greek Ladders directors) are actively recommending a number of candidates to these and other employers. Follow these steps to get noticed and recommended.

  1. Build your personal online career profile. Click here for tips.
  2. Upload a resume. We recommend in Word or pdf format. If you encounter issues, please email it to Greek Ladders.
  3. Contact Pete Parker (click here), a Greek Ladders co-founder/director and let him know that you’ve completed the profile. This will trigger Pete proof your resume and identify you as being “ready” for viewing by potential employers.

Did you know?! Every action taken within the career network is tracked and generates points, called Career Capital. You'll see this number, followed by "cc" next to your name. When employers view directories of job-seekers, they immediately look for the candidates’ career capital points. Points are generated a number of ways, including: updating profiles, sharing/liking social media posts, and attending career events. Click here to see all the ways you can boost Career Capital points.

Your greatest chance of connecting to a promising job could be through the Greek Ladders Career Network. While you're at it, be sure to connect with Greek Ladders executive staff members, who will review your resume, introduce you to employers, and recommend you for specific jobs.




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