Greek Ladders was created to serve as an active and innovative liaison between the corporate recruiter and the candidate. This enables job-seekers to present themselves by highlighting their experiences, skills, and interests. At the same time, the corporate recruiter can receive access and privy information to aid and narrow their searches for the ideal candidates. This is made possible by the staff at Greek Ladders establishing relationships with students, alumni/ae, employers, and campus career development staff leaders.

The opportunity which Greek Ladders provides is appealing, hands-on, and computer-based, making the process streamlined, efficient, accountable, and effective for everyone involved. Our goal is to see corporations strengthen by recruiting leaders.

By targeting members of fraternities and sororities, we’re able to present individuals who possess and are utilizing their leadership capabilities to the betterment of their campus, chapter and, ultimately, themselves. As members of the Greek community ourselves, we recognize the value these undergraduates bring to their future employers and communities.

An increasing number of employers have registered within the Greek Ladders network to help meet their hiring objectives, build relationships with potential employees, create brand awareness, and mentor young men and women. For a reasonable annual fee, employers receive…

  • Personal connections to students who perform at high levels and are active participants in the leadership and career development programs
  • Access to student leaders whom are focused on careers
  • Listings of candidates seeking internships and full-time jobs
  • Confidence knowing which students have participated in offered programs (know which students have completed special leadership programs as well as held campus & chapter leadership positions)
  • Information about individual students through detailed profiles
  • Cost savings associated with campus recruitment
  • Confidence that the students hired will work out
  • Ability to post available internships and jobs
  • Availability to post and share videos, blogs, and documents relating to careers, human resources, leadership, etc.


These benefits are designed to directly connect employers with the students through a liaison, Greek Ladders, so that the ideal recruitment situations occur in a timely, efficient, and inexpensive fashion.