Campus Career Events - Oct 19 - Oct 23

There are many career events, some of which are career fairs, taking place this week on campuses where candidates using the Greek Ladders Career Network are affiliated.

Career Fairs

Below is a list of career fairs, which our candidates should be leveraging to launch their careers. Click [details] for key information about each event

Monday, October 19

  • Appalachian State University - Education Fair [details]
  • University of Kentucky - Graduate & Professional School Showcase [details]
  • University of South Carolina - Health Professions Fair [details]

Tuesday, October 20

  • Purdue University - Aerospace Career Expo [details]
  • University of California-Riverside - Career Expo-Diversity Job Fair [details]

Wednesday, October 21

  • California State University-Long Beach - Fall Job & Internship Fair [details]
  • California State University-Monterey Bay - Graduate & Professional School Fair [details]
  • George Washington University - Media, Journalism & Public Affairs Networking Fair [details]
  • Ohio State University - Graduate & Professional School Expo [details]
  • Ohio State University - Data Analytics Career Fair [details]
  • Purdue University - Aerospace Career Expo [details]
  • University of Denver - Fall Job & Internship Fair [details]
  • University of Florida - Startup Job and Internship Fair [details]
  • University of Georgia - Graduate School Information Day [details]
  • University of Maryland - Language Career & Internship Fair [details]
  • University of Montana - Health Professions Career Fair [details]
  • University of Nevada-Las Vegas - Fall Job Fair [details]
  • University of Tampa - Fall Full Time Professional Job Fair [details]

Thursday, October 22

  • University of Oklahoma - Journalism and Mass Communication Career & Internship Fair [details]

Friday, October 23

  • Minnesota State University-Moorhead - Government & Non-Profit Career Fair [details]
  • Towson University - NASPA Careers in Student Affairs Conference [details]
  • University of Maryland - Geographical Sciences Career & Internship Fair [details]


Click here for an offer to capitalize on the great connections you make at the career fair!


Career Workshops

Monday, October 19

  • California State University-Long Beach – Prepare for the Job Fair
  • City University of New York - Queens College – Job Offers and Salary Negotiation
  • George Mason University – Careers in Counseling Panel
  • New York University – Acing the Interview
  • University of Florida – The Intrapreneur: Innovating from Within
  • University of Georgia – Networking 101: Finding the Hidden Job Market
  • University of Mary Washington Job Fair 101 - Dress for Success

Tuesday, October 20

  • California Polytechnic University-Pomona – Fall Resumaniac - All Majors & Engineering Majors
  • California State University-Long Beach – Prepare for the Job Fair
  • City University of New York-Queens College – Job Search Strategies
  • New York University – Resumes & Cover Letters that Work
  • Texas Tech University – Writing Your Resume & Cover Letter
  • University of California-San Diego – Using Strengths for Interviewing
  • University of Central Florida – Written Job Search Communications
  • University of Oregon – S.O.A.R. (Search. Observe. Apply. Rise.) Seminar
  • University of South Carolina – Career Conversations: Health Professions
  • University of Tampa – Resumania

Wednesday, October 21

  • California State University-San Diego – Career Fair Success workshop
  • California State University-San Diego – Professional Etiquette & Attire workshop
  • City University of New York-Queens College – The Second Interview and Tips on Etiquette
  • George Mason University – Practice Interview Day
  • George Mason University – Lunch and Learn about Careers in Human Resources
  • Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville – Mock Interview Day Prep Workshop
  • Texas Tech University – Mocktail Party
  • University of California-Riverside – Cover Letter Writing Workshop
  • University of Central Florida – From Resume to CV
  • University of Florida – Leveraging Campus and Community Resources to Start Your Company
  • University of Georgia – Careers in Health and Wellness
  • University of Mary Washington – Resumania
  • University of Maryland – How to find and internship Workshop
  • Western Oregon University – Writing Personal Statements Workshop

Thursday, October 22

  • California Polytechnic University-Pomona – Prep for Career Fair workshop
  • California Polytechnic University-Pomona – Clothes Closet Showcase
  • George Mason University – My First 90 Days in Non-Profit
  • University of California-Riverside – Interviewing for Introverts
  • University of California-San Diego – Leadership and Resume Tips
  • University of Central Florida – Networking Strategies
  • University of Georgia – How to Ask for Letters of Reference
  • University of Massachusetts-Amherst – Communication Alumni Career Event
  • University of Montana – Health Professions 2nd Day Interviews


For more information about these workshops, visit the campus career center on your campus or visit them online.

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