Campus Career Fairs - March 2 - 6

There are a number of career fairs this week, especially on campuses where candidates using the Greek Ladders Career Network are affiliated.

Below is a list of career fairs, which our candidates should be leveraging to launch their careers. Click each LINK for details.

Monday, March 2
University of Pittsburgh - School of Nursing Career Fair - LINK

Tuesday, March 3
Arizona State University - Humanities Career Fair - LINK
University of Massachusetts-Amherst - Service & Leadership Career & Internship Fair - LINK
University of Texas-Austin - Geosciences Career & Internship Fair - LINK

Wednesday, March 4
City University of New York - Queens College - Career Fair - LINK 
Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville - Career Fair - LINK 
Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville - Education Career Fair - LINK
University of Georgia - Education Career Fair - LINK
University of Idaho - Non-Profit and Grad School Fair - LINK
University of Kansas - Journalism Career Fair - LINK
University of Kentucky - Engineering Co-op and Internship Fair - LINK 
University of Rhode Island - Summer Job & Internship Fair - LINK
Western Oregon University - Criminal Justice Career Fair - LINK

Thursday, March 5
Central Washington University - Education Career Fair - LINK 
Loyola Marymount University - Career Expo - LINK
Ohio State University - Knowlton School Career Day - LINK
Ohio State University - Mwanafunzi Social Work Job Fair - LINK
Oklahoma State University - Greater Grads Career Fair - LINK
Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville - Career Fair - LINK
University of West Georgia - STEM Industry Fair - LINK

Friday, March 6
Willamette University - Personalized Career Fair - LINK



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