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As a Campus Ambassador at CanCan Health, you will network at University of Arizona.

Check Your Boobies Campus Ambassador: University of Arizona


As a Campus Ambassador at CanCan Health, you will network at University of Arizona. Primary responsibilities will include organizing and coordinating Check Your Boobies workshops for women in their late teens and early 20’s to educate them on breast health, giving them tools for early detection, prevention and self-advocacy.  You will act as a liaison between your campus and CanCan to give healthy women, from all walks of life, a fun way to learn what they can do to feel more in control and less in fear about breast cancer.



  1. The ambassador will be challenged with roles and responsibilities to help facilitate professional and personal growth in one of the followings: Health Education, Sales, and Communication.
  2. Minimum One Year Commitment (excludes holidays/summer/winter breaks).  5-7 hours each week: including evening and weekends when necessary.  September 2015-June 2016
  3. Direct supervision under CanCan’s Program Manager. Program Manager must have at least two years educational and/or professional background in the field of the experience.
  4. Weekly meetings between ambassador and Program Manager. Monthly conference call with PM and other campus ambassadors. Ambassador responsible for weekly log of hours/activities/progress.
  5. Orientation, training, and continued education related to health education and program development/management. Semi-annual personal and professional goal setting and follow up with PM. 



-          Coordinate parties for local University campuses (8-10/term)

-          Reach out to and create relationships with panhellenic, resident halls, women’s groups, pre-med, health clubs and organizations, other student lead university organizations.

-          Create/maintain university contact database

-          Improve and Expand CYB Social Media Campaigns

-          Table at University fairs (general, volunteer, health) and on campus

-          Familiar with University relations 

-          Responsible for College Party Administrative Tasks

-          Distribute CYB reminders cards and swag to University health centers/women’s groups/campus locations

-          Create relationships with university health center

-          Create relationships and PR opportunities with university publications and news stations 




The Check Your Boobies Campus Ambassador should be:

-          A self-starter who is able to work independently

-          Hard worker, able to see projects to completion 

-          Passionate about women’s issues/health

-          Interested in learning about the non-profit sector

-          Love the sales process/should have experience navigating the college social system/proven record as a relationship builder and networker

-          A strong writer with excellent verbal communication skills

-          Able to find humor in most situations


Application Process:

Email resume and cover letter to No phone calls please.


About CanCan:

One in eight women will get breast cancer in their lives.  This means all women need to be equipped with the information and knowledge necessary to protect their health.  CanCan is all about giving healthy woman the education and tools for early detection of breast cancer for the best outcomes. Who cares about your health more than you do?  No one.  This means we must all be self-advocates, making sure we take control over our health.  Doctors can downplay risk, miss symptoms, or under-order tests; when a woman takes charge of her health, she can get the care she needs. Self-advocacy around breast health can take several forms: through knowing your breasts and genetics, doing breast self-exams, getting recommended mammograms, and knowing what to ask your doctor.  And getting into action about your health reduces fear! CanCan puts on free breast education parties, filled with socializing, laughter, camaraderie and just plain fun.  Wherever woman gather, on campuses, houses of worship, workplaces, and mothers’ groups, CanCan will bring breast educators and survivors to spread the word about early detection. A non-medical, fear-free, fun environment is the best environment for learning, even about serious topics. The parties are safe spaces created to encourage questions and sharing about breast health. CanCan follows up the parties with monthly breast self-check reminders, educational resources on the website, and an engaging and informative blog.  CanCan was started by Heike Malakoff, a women who found her cancer in her early 30’s when she was breast feeding her twins.  Today cancer-free, Heike is a walking testimonial for the power of early detection and self-advocacy. Early detection can save lives, reduce treatment times and severity and improve outcomes.  Breast cancer survivors know this, and want healthy women to have the benefit of their experience.  And people learn best through stories, told by those who have walked the journey. That’s why a survivor, in conjunction with a breast health instructor, always tells their story at a CYB party. We give breast cancer survivors a great way to transform the fact of their disease into positive outcomes for other women. Survivors tell the stories that save lives.


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