Career Capital will boost your recruitment appeal

A unique feature of the Greek Ladders Career Network is Career Capital, a numerical representation of candidate interest and engagement.


Employers use the Greek Ladders Career Network to get connected to top talent. These are candidates who are heavily interested and engaged in their career planning. The return on their investment is found not just through the initial hire but, even more importantly, through the eventual success of their interns and full-time employees.

We've developed a system to track the interest of job and internship prospects. Every time candidates utilize the Career Network to attend career functions, build profiles, share through social media, and apply for jobs, they earn points...aka credits. Basically, with every action a candidate takes with his or her career planning, points are earned. The point system is featured in the graphic.

The Career Capital system gives candidates another opportunity to be highlighted to prospective employers.

Candidates earn Career Capital points when they join the Greek Ladders Career Network and every time they...

  • Submit a blog
  • Update their profile
  • Post a resume
  • Like and Share a page, article, event, or blog on Facebook
  • Post a page, article, event, or blog on Twitter
  • Follow @GreekLadders on Twitter
  • Invite a friend to join
  • RSVP for an event
  • Make contact with a Greek Ladders executive
  • Attend an career event
  • Apply or show interest in a job

If you're a job or internship seeking candidate, you're encouraged to leverage the Career Capital point system to get noticed by employment recruiters.


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