Career Fair Readiness Night is Set!

The first of its kind event takes place tonight on the University of Arizona campus to prepare students for this week's Spring Career Days.

"We framed the idea as a 'last-minute' readiness event to take place in multiple locations, says Matt Noble, co-founder of Greek Ladders. "It's a strategic move to connect employers with career-minded students seeking internships and full-time jobs."

The Career Fair Readiness Night will take place in five different locations, each with a different spin and list of participating business leaders. The locations and their respective leaders are:
Alpha Epsilon Phi
Pete Corrigan - University of Arizona Eller College of Management
Jen Fortuna - Quicken Loans
Tara Trailov - TEKsystems
Ana Maria Montoya - TEKsystems

Kappa Alpha
Doug Jones - Northwestern Mutual
Bryan Preston - TEKsystems
Shannon Grimes - Charles Schwab & Co.
Brenda Henning - First Investors

Kappa Sigma
Andy McEldowney - Tucson Insurance Associates
Brennan Allen - CenturyLink
Zach Jones - Northwestern Mutual
Matt Janke - TEKsystems
Justin Boggess - TEKsystems
Randi Norman - Vanguard

Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Samantha Salway - Quicken Loans
Brendan Snyder - AXA Advisors
Jon Beaty - Liberty Mutual Insurance
Char Ross - TEKsystems
Megan Soto - TEKsystems
Faydra Romero - Vanguard

Delta Delta Delta
Matt Noble - Greek Ladders


Topics to be discussed at each location include:

  • first impressions
  • how to approach business leaders
  • what recruiting/business leaders look for and want to see
  • LinkedIn best practices
  • questions to ask at the career fair
  • what to bring to the career fair
  • Hiring practices of my firm
  • What my firm seeks in new hires
  • Career fair suggestions

"We've had an incredible time planning this big night and couldn't be more excited about its prospects for success," says Pete Parker, the other Greek Ladders co-founder. "We're just not sure who will benefit the most...the business leaders or the students."

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