Characteristics of successful mentoring relationships

When designing a path toward launching successful careers, everyone could use a little guidance. Mentoring is an optimal tool for candidates to utilize on the career planning path. Read more

Tips to a successful cover letter

A cover letter is a professional business letter that introduces you to prospective employers and should always accompany a resume. In the form of a narrative, it provides depth to your resume, highlighting your strongest qualifications, stressing how you can meet the employer’s needs. Read more

Career Fair Best Practices

Career fairs present ideal opportunities for both students and employers. For students, having dozens of employers essentially come to them is a golden chance to make great connections. For employers, they're given a chance to meet and screen candidates for possible internships and post-graduate jobs. Here are eight best practices for students to consider as they prepare for career fairs on their campuses. Read more

Career planning can begin during freshman year

As soon as students start their college courses, they are placed on a track to pursue personal and professional success. No matter the field of study, each student seeks employment as soon as they graduate. While the courses of study are designed to prepare eventual graduates for success in the workplace, there are a number of resources designed to develop these students into outstanding leaders. Read more

Seven basic cover letter rules

The cover letter is a very important part of your job application. While the resume gives the employer a good idea of your skills and experience, the cover letter describes why you should be considered. Read more

Action verbs to use in resumes

Reviewers scan resumes in under 15 seconds. That's not nearly enough time to grasp a decent picture of your skills. By using select keywords, you can capture the reader's attention long enough to focus a bit more time on your resume. Read more

Exceed at interviews by researching employers

Exceed your interviewing goals by learning more about the business or non-profit organization prior to your interview. Read more

Career planning advice for college students

The idea of career planning is very intimidating to many college students. Whether you’re a freshmen and not entirely consumed with taking the right steps, or a senior facing the imminence of post-collegiate life, the thought of career development can fill students with varying levels of fear. Rather than approach your career with fear and intimidation, be proactively positive and confident. The experience and knowledge you acquires during your college years, both in and out of the classroom, will develop skills that will be applied in careers and employment settings. Read more

Eight simple post-interview tips

If you wish to land a job successfully, post-interview etiquette is as important as how you perform during the interview. If you follow proper etiquette after an interview, it ensures that the potential employer won’t forget you. In fact, staying in contact with the interviewer after an interview provides you with an opportunity to reinforce that you’re interested in the job. Read more

Five reasons why networking is important

We strongly advocate for the building of relationships. Personal networking is the ideal way to develop relationships. It adds significant value and tools you will use in your everyday life. Read more

Make Career Fairs Work for You

Attending career fairs seldom result in immediate hires. However, they present golden opportunities for both students and employers. Read more

Holiday Break Checklist

The Holiday Break couldn't have arrived at a better time. Finals are over and you're able to enjoy free time with family and friends. It's also a great time to recharge your batteries for a big spring semester drive. Read more

What are your personality traits?

The building block of successful career development is comprised of four components: skills, values, interests and personality traits. Personality traits are distinguishing qualities or characteristics that are the embodiment of an individual habitual patterns of behavior, temperament and emotion. Read more

A Time to Be Thankful and Proactive

Thanksgiving week gives us an opportunity to appreciate the many great people and experiences in our lives. Whether it's related to school, work, community, or home our lives are surrounded by greatness. As you're celebrating the week with family and friends, take advantage of the opportunities to provide a boost to your career planning. Read more

Tips to Make Homecoming Work for You

Homecoming is a great time to celebrate the University's history, returning alumni, and big football game. It can also be an incredible opportunity to take career planning to an entirely new level, just by connecting with alumni. Read more

Use Action Verbs to Describe Your Experience

15 seconds. We hear it from frequently from recruiters. If all they give is 15 seconds to review a resume, one way to catch their attention is by using strong action verbs. Read more

How ready is your resume?

Are you confident that your resume is ready to be seen by employment recruiters? Do you even have a resume? This seemingly simple task can be intimidating to many job-seekers. We have tips to help you prepare this important document to get you to the interview phase of your job search process. Read more

Don't Say These in a Job Interview

A recent article in Forbes magazine piqued our interest, as it closely resembled a blog we posted two years ago about things you should not say in a job interview. Read more

The Give and Take of Networking

A very interesting article was features in Forbes' digital magazine yesterday, which identified four habits of effective networking. One of the ways, as written by Michel Theriault, was of particular interest. Read more

Receive a Career Fair Referral

We recognize that career fairs can be intimidating and difficult to navigate. Whether you’re a freshman, who’s attending to “window shop” and gain an initial understanding of the fair, or a senior looking to find the ideal first job, we want to make the career fair experience fun and meaningful for both students and employers. Read more

Understanding a job-seeker's career interests

Knowing the career interests of each candidate will go a long way towards connecting to outstanding employers and ideal employment opportunities. Read more

Path to Candidate Preference

The best way to get your job candidacy considered by employers is to be totally on top of your career planning game. Through Greek Ladders, job-seekers are introduced to employers through career events (workshops, networking receptions, etc.), personally recommended, and viewed through your online career profile. Read more

Job-seekers finding success in the Career Network

Job-seekers finding the greatest success of the Greek Ladders Career Network regularly visit the website, update their career profiles, utilize the resources, participate in the surveys, and reach out to Greek Ladders staff for advice and connections. Read more

What employers seek when using the Career Network

The Greek Ladders Career Network is extremely unique in that it’s positioned to connect employers with students seeking internships and jobs. Acceptance into the network is based entirely upon membership in a Greek organization. This narrows the scope of candidates even more, giving students a greater chance of being recognized by potential employers. Read more

Summer Career Planning

Summer is a great time to decompress, recharge, and gear up for the next stage of your college or professional career. As you enjoy all that summer brings, be sure to be proactive about career planning opportunities. Read more

What characteristics do you possess?

Personal branding begins with understanding yourself. Characteristics, skills, experience, interests, and beliefs are all part of the mix. Read more

Quick Tips to Building Your Professional Network

We're constantly impressing upon students to expand their professional networks. Whether a college freshman or a seasoned professional, it's never too early to network. Read more

Join the Career Network and Get Noticed

The value of the Greek Ladders Career Network is determined by the number of individual job-seekers (aka candidates) completing online registrations. Much like the whole “chicken and egg” scenario, with the registration of every candidate, the likelihood increases of additional employers joining the network to find ideal talent. Read more

If I had this when I was in college, I would be...

Since the founding of Greek Ladders, there's one very consistent comment we receive from college alumni - "If I had this when I was in college, I would be..." The statement is always filled with former goals and hopes and dreams. Read more

Job Outlook Favors Fraternity and Sorority Members

The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) released its Job Outlook for 2016. Two of the surveys revealed a high favorability to student leaders, particularly Greeks. Read more

It's Career Fair season - are you interested and ready?

Now that you're in the groove of the new semester, career fairs are popping up everywhere. Are you ready for the career fair events on your campus? Do you even want to go? Read more

Things to do over Holiday Break

Now that the Holidays are here, it's a great time for candidates to enhance your appeal to potential employers. By dedicating a few minutes out of your time, you can find yourself much closer to making strong career connections. Whether you're looking to get hired for an internship, first post-graduate job, or summer job, we want to help you start the new year in strong fashion! Read more

Developing your personal brand

When reading today’s issue of the Reno-Gazette Journal, the article titled, “Tips for developing your personal brand” caught my eye. Read more

Millennial Study - Barnes & Noble College Study

We feature a study conducted by the Barnes & Noble College, which assessed college juniors and seniors. Included are stats, an infographic, and a link for the full report. Read more

Career planning tips lead to professional success

An article in the October 29 issue of the Phoenix Business Journal, which offered body language tips for business success, could have easily been written to find a great job. Read more

Millennial Study - Elance-Odesk Millennial Majority Workforce

We feature a study conducted by Elance, which compares millennials to other generations, particularly Generation X. Included are stats, an infographic, a slideshare, and link for the full report. Read more

Setting millennials up for workforce success

An article written by Jason Kulpa, CEO of Underground Elephant, offers millennials with tips on how to prepare for success. Upon review of the informative article, “Snapshot of the millennial workforce: Setting yourself up for success,” we target two of the tips. Read more

Successful Networking from Home

Reading an article posted on the Forbes website on October 26 caught my eye. Entitled “9 Ways to Network Without Leaving Your Couch” (via The Muse), the author (Kat Boogaard) identified ways to make career connections when not meeting face to face. Read more

Millennial Study - InternMatch 2014 Career Center Study

We introduce InternMatch and its 2014 Career Center Study. We provided a few highlights, an infographic, and link to the study. You're encouraged to click and learn more. Read more

Millennial Study - PreparedU Project

We feature a study conducted by Bentley University's PreparedU Project, to help prepare millennials for career and life success. Included are stats, an infographic, a slideshare, and link for the full report. Read more

Valuable Post Career Fair Tips

Career fairs present incredible opportunities to bolster one’s career. Most students will use the career to seek job and internship interviews, which is precisely why they’re scheduled. Others will also capitalize on the event to make lifelong connections, which will increase their opportunity for success in their future workplaces. Read more

Tips to preparing for a networking reception

We're regularly asked how to prepare for networking mixers. While the questions usually revolved around what to wear, we have other advice, as well. Read more

No Career Fairs yet? Here are a few tips to get ready

Tough situation. You're on campus and ready to meet with employers, but there no career fairs to attend. What do you do? Read more

Quick Candidate Profile Guide

Employers have the ability to view candidate profiles as they seek interns and full-time employees. Use this quick and easy guide to increase the chances of getting noticed. Read more

Career Capital will boost your recruitment appeal

A unique feature of the Greek Ladders Career Network is Career Capital, a numerical representation of candidate interest and engagement. Read more

Simple steps to building an appealing career profile

Business and non-profit employment recruiters utilize the Career Network to find ideal candidates with whom to consider for internships and full-time jobs. They have access to candidate profiles on a regular basis.  Read more

Networking Best Practices Powerpoint

An outstanding networking presentation was given by Zach Jones, the Director of Recruiting and Development for Northwestern Mutual (Arizona), to the members of the University of Arizona Fraternity & Sorority Life. Read more

What's Your Major?

Yes, it's the most basic of questions you've been asked since arriving on campus. When it comes to connecting you to employers using the Greek Ladders Career Network, it's a very important question. Read more

Career Planning is Easy

Intimidating, stressful, scared, uncertain are words that commonly, but shouldn't, be used to describe career planning. Quite honestly, it's a natural part of one's development, and can actually be fun and rewarding. Read more

Great ways for students to network

Networking is building contacts that are well-connected on campus, in the business sector, and in the community, who understand the power of personal referral and are willing to provide additional contacts. The tough part, especially as college students, is starting the process of getting connected. It can be a time-consuming process, but there are many benefits. Read more


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