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Greek Ladders was launched in March 2013 to give fraternity and sorority members with opportunities and advantages in the employment recruiting process. The "members" are represented by current college students, as well as young alumni (aka young professionals).

Currently, the Greek Ladders Career Network manages thousands of candidate profiles, with the vast majority being students. However, a large percentage of jobs posted in the network require varying amounts of work experience. In addition, many students in the network could benefit from mentorship from young alumni.

Our goal has always been to maintain communication with students as they graduate and begin their careers. There are several reasons for wanting graduates to stay in our network, four of which provide extreme value to themselves or others.


Many students in the Career Network have expressed interest in receiving mentoring from experts and peers. Whether it's advice in career planning, recommended classes, internships, or networking, students can gain a great deal of knowledge. Through the relationships, students will undoubtedly receive guidance and, potentially, referrals and recommendations. Mentoring for one hour per quarter or month will go a long way towards helping a student launch as successful career.

We actively seek speakers or participants at the workshops and presentations we schedule on campuses all across the country. As a former "student" member of the career network, you understand the role Greek Ladders plays in the career planning process for Greeks. You can share advice from your personal experiences, as well as hiring practice information for the employer you represent.

Remaining in the network opens doors for your employer. By participating in career events, you can brand your employer, while expanding your professional network. Should your employer seek quality talent, you'll have access to thousands of candidates from which to recruit.

We talk to many business and non-profit recruiters who seek experience to fill mid- and upper-management positions. Given that most students don't qualify for these positions, alumni become the ideal resource of talent. By remaining in the career network, graduates will be presented with unique opportunities to advance their careers.

If you're interested in participating in career events or mentoring students, sign up for these opportunities by clicking here.

Greek Ladders is a tremendous resource for college alumni/ae. By remaining in the career network, alums will continue to receive career resources, information, and opportunities at no financial cost.

Rather than "unsubscribe" from our email distribution, simply ignore the emails that may not pertain to you. OR, even better, forward them to fellow professionals and chapter alumni/ae, whom may benefit from the information and opportunities.





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