Career Planning is Easy

Intimidating, stressful, scared, uncertain are words that commonly, but shouldn't, be used to describe career planning. Quite honestly, it's a natural part of one's development, and can actually be fun and rewarding.

Below are a number simple steps you can take to get your career planning onto a great and productive path.

  • Create a resume
  • Visit the career center on your college campus - be sure meet the staff and take advantage of the resources
  • Attend career workshops and employer "meet and greets"
  • Create online career profiles - post your resume
  • Talk to your professors, instructors, and advisors
  • Join a club related to your major or career interest
  • Meet employers at career fairs


These easy and simple action items, which will serve as the pathway to launch your career. Be sure to ask questions, seek assistance and feedback, and enjoy the process.

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