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An article in the October 29 issue of the Phoenix Business Journal, which offered body language tips for business success, could have easily been written to find a great job.

The article written by contributing writer, Peggy Parks, was entitled "How to make body language work for you in business." It was a simple review of how to make a strong first impression.

The writer's tips were spot-on, especially when making that first business-to-business interaction. Three tips, in particular, are among the best practices we share when coaching job-seekers.

A good handshake - a nice firm, but not too strong, grip sets a good tone for the initial greeting. This is done simultaneously with...

Eye contact - we advise that you don't look anywhere but the other person's eyes when approaching and exchanging the greeting.

Smile - we're always encouraging both job-seekers and recruiters to smile. Not only does hit help set a positive tone, a smile can be contagious.

Kudos to Ms. Parks for a great article. She helps prove to young job-seekers that first impressions are as valuable in making strong career connections as they are in networking for great jobs.


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