Circle of Change Leadership Conference


Friday, November 18, 2016 – Sunday November 20, 2016

California State University, Dominguez Hills, Los Angeles, California


Circle of Change

The Circle of Change Leadership Experience is a three day conference that not only connects student leaders nationally with an incredible diverse leadership network of students and professionals that will provide them with the inspiration, leadership development training, and professional skills needed to take their personal and leadership experience to the next level, but it’s a life changing conference that consists of…

  • Dynamic keynote speakers
  • Scholarly workshop sessions on leadership development for student leaders
  • Experts with real-world leadership experience from more than 70 different Fortune 500 companies
  • Reflection, Assessment, and Group Activities with Trained Student Affair Professionals
  • Tons of Networking Opportunities with Students and Executives Passionate about Leadership
  • Impactful Service Project that teaches the importance of Service and Civic Engagement

Each of these amazing programs offered throughout the entire conference are based upon five learning objectives which are:

Interpersonal Development – Students will learn more about themselves and how that translate into effective leadership in the 21st Century.

Leadership Development – Students will learn about more than twenty different leadership skills and qualities that leaders must possess in the 21st Century in order to be effective.

Professional Development – Students will learn about more than fifteen professional skills that students must attain in order to evolve and experience career leadership success in the 21st Century.

Socially Responsible Leaders – Students will learn about the importance of social responsibility, ethical decision-making, civic engagement, social justice, and service learning.

Value of Diversity – Students will not only about the importance of diversity in the 21st Century, but they will discover how to interact, collaborate, appreciate, and lead diverse groups of people more effectively.


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