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In our own version of Throwback Thursday, we reflect back on a blog posted by our friends at College Chefs. They met with Greek Ladders co-founder, Matt Noble, as the two discussed Greek Life and its many benefits.


The blog started with...

A couple years ago Matt Noble, a member of Kappa Sigma and a 1986 graduate of University of Arizona, asked alumni what they would have done differently in college. The responses were overwhelmingly career focused. Graduates wish they had career mentors, more career-based presentations, more networking opportunities, etc.

This prompted Matt and his partners Duke Schwartz and Pete Parker to form Greek Ladders the following year. After receiving the survey results, they wanted to provide more career opportunities to students. And Matt has always had a passion for helping people, and his extensive background in non-profit was a testament to his commitment to helping others. In today's employment environment, securing a job can be challenging, so Matt wanted to help using the large Greek network.


Read the full blog here.


We're blown away by the growth and success achieved by the entire College Chefs team and are excited for their bright future. To learn more about College Chefs and how they may life easy and delicious for fraternities and sororities, visit




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