Connecting Recruiters to Skilled Young Talent

Employers and candidates encounter frustration when it comes to pairing with the ideal employment situation. Greek Ladders was established to connect both, thereby serving as a liaison between the recruiter and the individual job-seeker.

Today’s highly competitive employee recruitment world has employers spending considerable time and money to find the ideal candidates to their companies. For the most part, their recruitment of college students is done on campuses, where they primarily recruit at career fairs. Since between 4-7% of the student population attends career fairs, recruiters can fall short of expectations and measured results.

Through Greek Ladders, the candidates using the Career Network present themselves to employers by describing their experiences, skills, and interests. At the same time, recruiters us the network to view candidate profiles, brand their companies, and promote open job and internship positions.

The goal is to connect employment recruiters with active student leaders, possessing strong skills, to fill full-time and internship positions.

Employment recruiters join the Greek Ladders Career Network through an annual subscription model, which provides access to candidates over a twelve-month period. Recruiters select specific campuses with which to target candidates. The subscription model offers recruiters interactive, hands-on, and computer-based solutions to meeting candidates. Benefits include:

  • Access to directories of candidates, based on preferred campuses
  • Access to online career profiles of student and alumni full-time and internship-seeking candidates
  • Participate in career planning best practice workshops
  • Platform to promote hiring practices, job openings, and conduct promotional webinars
  • Conduct presentations to brand the employer and its openings
  • Attend networking functions with career-minded candidates
  • Receive endorsements of interested candidates
  • Candidate sourcing to employers. The candidates will be pre-screened.
  • Increased promotions through social media, including live-streamed interviews and conversations.
  • Career fair training for employer representatives.
  • Introduction of candidates in advance of career fairs.

These benefits connect recruiters to today's student leaders, which can be very difficult to accomplish merely through attending career fairs. The Greek Ladders model attempts to reach quality candidates through a variety of approaches.

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