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Our partnership with CVirtual, a staffing company in Reno, Nevada, we have an "insider" access to a number of outstanding job opportunities.

If you're interested in any or all of these positions, you're encouraged to take two steps:

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Financial Controller

This investment company handles over 100 million dollars a year in volume, primarily from Real Estate transactions. The ideal candidate will be a tech savvy manager who shines in an ever-changing, exciting environment.  Winning candidate will have proven to be efficient allocating resources and streamlining operations, as well as managing deadlines, processes and personnel. Candidate must have an extensive background in budgeting, forecasting and Accounting (through P&L's) in accordance with GAAP.  Successful candidate will collaborate with company principals using the 'eye of a partner' and will provide advice to support the decision-making process.  Experience with Real Estate, Private Equity, Long-term Investments, and high-volume transactions is required. Project management skills a plus.

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This position is a field crewmember possessing advanced skills in welding, cutting, grinding, rigging and mechanical assembly.  This position assists with equipment installation, fabrication, rigging and machinery repairs.  This position requires traveling to job sites with a crew.

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Field Supervisor

This position is a field project supervisor possessing advanced project management, personnel leadership and communication skills.  This position is responsible for the direct supervision of daily project progression and crew performance of larger project sizes and larger crews.

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Field Foreman

This position is a lead man position responsible for managing daily job site activities.  This position is expected to make project decisions, manage and motivate personnel effectively and efficiently.  This position requires a hands-on, lead by example manager with strong communication skills.

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