Derrick Furlow


Derrick was a college football player at the University of Tennessee from 2005-2009.  During that time, he not only earned his Bachelor's degree in 3 years but also completed his Master's in his 4th year. After graduating with two degrees in hand, Derrick went on to learn and work with several New York Times Best Selling authors. He had the honor of studying from legends such as John C. Maxwell, Les Brown, Dave Ramsey, Darren Hardy and Inky Johnson, to name a few.

Derrick was a featured guest on New York Times Best Seller and America's Financial guru's self-titled "The Dave Ramsey Show". The Fox News experience left a mark on him and Derrick soon realized his ability to have a positive impact on people.

Derrick has gone on to use his skills to impact, inspire and empower individuals on a national level.  Students will certainly respond to Derrick’s story and tremendous enthusiasm.


  • 30 Day Playbook
  • It’s “PS” or “BS”
  • You Are Here For a Reason

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