E&J Gallo Winery - Management Development Program

E&J Gallo invites applicants to an accelerated program designed to give a thorough foundation in consumer goods sales and sales management in preparation for a career in field marketing management.



Due to the decentralized nature of sales activity in the wine industry, no two people’s development experience will be exactly the same. The developmental path to field marketing success is a three-phase program.

Your assignment as a Gallo Distributor Sales Representative will be demanding and challenging (as well as fun) as you begin to demonstrate, and then master, professional skills in territory management, selling, merchandising, and servicing. While the primary intent of the program is to develop candidates for the E & J Gallo Winery, some people’s careers develop in management of independent distributors.

As a sales representative, you will be responsible for maintaining and expanding the sales of all Gallo brands in an established retail territory. Regardless of the distributor or the location, you will receive thorough professional training from day one.

If you succeed, the most common (but not the only) next step is promotion to Distributor District Manager. This is the first stage in sales management and executive training. Here you will learn how to manage and motivate people through actual experience. The basic principles of management learned here will be essential in every phase of a career in the wine industry. Again, your training will be both on-the-job and through formal classroom seminars. You will participate with a small group in a series of management workshops. These workshops are designed to give you a solid understanding of both theoretical and pragmatic management practices you will master with day-to-day application. Your specific timetable as both a Sales Representative and a District Manager will depend on your own growth and development in preparation for the next assignment.

The purpose of Phases I and II is to prepare candidates for a number of career opportunities both with the wholesaler and the Gallo Winery.

  • Your first “field assignment” will give you the opportunity to develop markets through independent distributors and their organizations. You will be assigned the responsibility to develop and implement specific sales and marketing programs for your marketing area.
  • Area Manager enables you to broaden your management responsibilities at the next level. You will typically have two to three District Sales Managers working for you with a team of sales reps under them.
  • Trade Development enables you to utilize marketing and sales techniques in an effort to affect corporate chains like Albertsons or Safeway.
  • With every position, new challenges and adventures allow you to achieve new managerial skills, industry knowledge and overall career growth!

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