E-News Bulletin - April 13 2015

This week's bulletin provides career planning best practices, events, and new jobs. It also features The Vanguard Group.

Campus Career Fairs this week

There are a number of career fairs this week, especially on campuses where candidates using the Greek Ladders Career Network are affiliated. Below is a list of career fairs, which our candidates should be leveraging to launch their careers. Click each LINK for details.

Tuesday, April 14
Ohio State University - TeachOhio - LINK
University of California - Santa Barbara - Career Fair - LINK
University of Louisiana - Lafayette - Teacher Recruitment Day - LINK

Wednesday, April 15
New Mexico State University - Financial Literacy Fair - LINK
University of California - Berkeley - Just in Time Job Fair - LINK
University of California - San Diego - Health Professional School Fair - LINK
University of New Mexico - Job & Internship Fair - LINK
University of Oregon - Career Fair - LINK

Thursday, April 16
University of California - Berkeley - Just in Time Job Fair - LINK
University of Central Florida - Nonprofit and Public Service Showcase - LINK

Friday, April 17
University of Arizona - Education and Nonprofit Career Day - LINK

Resume Best Practice

Important details
Be sure to write your resume for the specific position, rather than submitting one that’s generic. Include the name of the prospective employer and the position you’re applying. Be sure to include details you gathered about the company and the position. This will give the reviewer an indication that you took the time to get to know them…thus illustrating your seriousness.

NEW JOB - Vanguard Group (Arizona) - Client Relationship Specialist

If you're passionate about the financial services industry and eager to provide clients or client prospects with superior service and investment guidance, a career with Vanguard may be a good fit for you. Vanguard offers several opportunities to launch an exciting career in the Retail Investor Group (RIG), whose mission is to help Vanguard's clients reach their financial goals by being their highest-value provider of investment products and services. RIG is a launching point for a dynamic Vanguard career in advice, sales, relationship management, leadership, investment management, and many other career paths.

Click here for details.

What's Your Major?

Yes, it's the most basic of questions you've been asked since arriving on campus. When it comes to connecting you to employers using the Greek Ladders Career Network, it's a very important question.

If you haven't identified your major on your career profile, please do so right away. 

In fact, we've timed it. Updating your major will take approximately 8.1 seconds. CLICK HERE to see if you can beat that time!


Our partnership with CVirtual, a staffing company in Reno, Nevada, we have an "insider" access to a number of outstanding job opportunities. The latest positions include:
Recruiting Sales Agent
Junior Data Specialist
Senior Software Engineer (Front End Developer)
Software Developer (Java)
Research Engineer

One thing not to say in a job interview

“I don’t have any questions.” 

If you don’t have any, it tells the employer than you’re not very interested in the position or, just as bad, you weren’t listening to their comments during the interview. Show that that you’ve done your homework about the company and position. Have questions prepared. These may include wanting to know more about the details of the job, the department you’ll be working in, your prospective supervisor’s management style, and the culture of the organization.



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