E-News Bulletin - December 1 2014

As the calendar year comes to an end, so too does the fall semester. As students are preparing for finals, you're encouraged to remember your career plans. In this issue, we share a few thoughts about networking, connecting candidates with employers, and ways to update personal career profiles.

Great Ways for Students to Network

Networking is building contacts that are well-connected on campus, in the business sector, and in the community, who understand the power of personal referral and are willing to provide additional contacts. The tough part, especially as college students, is starting the process of getting connected. It can be a time-consuming process, but there are many benefits.

Here are great ways to network.

Get involved

You’re already associated with a great Greek organization. There are other organizations on campus which can help you meet more people. They include other social clubs and organizations connected to your major or eventual employment industry. Try to make the time to join them and attend their functions. Get to know academic leaders You may not readily see this, but your instructors can be invaluable sources of advice, guidance and networking. Teachers and professors have associations and relationships in the business world as well as the campus community. You might not hear them bragging about these organizations, but it would serve you well to ask them.

Attend conferences and receptions

No matter what your major is or the industry you wish to work when you graduate, there are conferences, workshops, and receptions right there in your community. They may be on campus, associated with your school or department, or in the community connected to local industry associations. Take advantage of both and attend all that you can. The people you meet will help you become more familiar with your interests and potential career and they will connect you to additional leaders in your desired field.

Work in your chosen field

Internships and part-time jobs provide outstanding opportunities for those interested in building their networks and preparing for successful careers. These provide you with an excellent opportunity to gain hands-on experience in your chosen field. You will also be able to interface, on a daily basis, with business leaders who will see your skills firsthand.

Adopt mentors

It doesn’t matter how old you are or the stage of your career, having mentors makes a huge difference. Most immediately to you are the alumni and parents in your chapter. When you meet them at Family Weekend or Homecoming, make it a point to engage in meaningful conversations about your career pursuits. Do the same with anyone you meet, whether they’re connections from home, work, campus…wherever. The way I look at it…there’s an opportunity in everyone you meet. All it takes is a sincere conversation and you’ll find it.


A favorite to some employers is taking a little time to support a local charitable organization. Volunteering allows you to accomplish tasks with people of diverse backgrounds, stages of careers, and points of view. These community and business leaders will see you in action and get to know you at the same time. As you’re volunteering, you’ll be able to hone existing skills and learn new ones, making you even more marketable to potential employers.

Bond with Chapter Volunteers

Most chapters utilize the voluntary leadership of alumni and parents. Whether they serve as chapter advisors, on a housing corporation, foundation board, parent's club, or a special event committee, these leaders are interested and engaged with the chapter. They're also outstanding community and career connectors, who possess invaluable insight, advice, guidance, and contact lists. These people may provide the most direct and powerful path to successfully launching careers. Pull them aside and develop relationships.

Networking is a lot like gardening. You can’t build a strong relationship overnight. It takes time…just like when you plant seeds, you have to nurture them and wait for them to grow. If you want to build a strong network, you must begin "planting the seeds of your career" now. If you wait until you're hungry to start planting those seeds, then you might before the seeds mature.

Giving Greeks a Leg Up with Career Connections

Greek Ladders was created to serve as an active and innovative liaison between the corporate recruiter and the candidate. This enables fraternity and sorority students and alumni to present themselves by highlighting their experiences, skills, and interests.

At the same time, the corporate recruiter can receive access and information to aid searches for the ideal candidates. This is made possible by the staff at Greek Ladders establishing relationships with the students, alumni/ae, employers, and campus career staff leaders.

The opportunity which Greek Ladders provides is appealing, hands-on, and computer-based, making the process streamlined, efficient, accountable, and effective for everyone involved. The goal is to see corporations strengthen by recruiting leaders. An increasing number of employers are registering into the Greek Ladders career network to help meet their hiring objectives, build relationships with potential employees, create brand awareness, and mentor young men and women.

For a reasonable annual fee, employers receive…

  • Direct access to pre-qualified student and alumni/ae candidates
  • Personal connections to candidates who are active participants in the leadership and career development programs
  • Access to student leaders whom are focused on careers
  • Information about individual candidates through detailed profiles
  • Cost savings associated with campus recruitment
  • Confidence that the students hired will work out
  • Ability to post available internships and jobs
  • Availability to post and share videos, blogs, and documents relating to careers, human resources, leadership, etc.

These benefits are designed to directly connect employers with the student and alumni/ae candidates through a liaison, Greek Ladders, so that the ideal recruitment situations occur in a timely, efficient, and inexpensive fashion.

Below is a map illustrating the increasing popularity of GreekLadders throughout the United States.



(verb) to cause to be associated, as in a personal or business relationship

(verb) to have or establish successful communication; make contact.

(verb) join together so as to provide access and communication.

As you're using the Greek Ladders Career Network, click on the "Connect" button to update your personal career profile and seek internship and full-time job opportunities. The following links are designed for you...

Career Profile Builder

Career Capital

Candidate Spotlight

Resume Central

Job Postings

The ultimate Greek Ladders goal is two bring two vibrant forces together...the candidate and the employer...to form a mutually-beneficial, thriving, and successful union.

Make it a great week! 


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