E-News Bulletin - December 8 2014

This week's bulletin is brief, but encourages our student and alumni/ae job seekers to participate in our Spotlight program. A list of new and open positions is provided.

Good Luck on Finals

As the calendar year comes to an end, fall semesters are closing everywhere. The entire Greek Ladders team hopes the students using our Career Network perform exceptionally well during finals week.

Would you like to be spotlighted to employers?

One key feature throughout the spring semester is our Candidate Spotlight program. The purpose of the Spotlight is to introduce candidates seeking full-time jobs or internships to potential employers. It's a bonus offered to students and alumni/ae seeking ideal employment. To date, we have a pool of 18 individuals to promote starting in January 2015. A few spots remain for the program.

If you're interested in being introduced to potential employers, both using our network and others, simply click the appropriate box found on the career interest page. Prior to the publishing the Spotlight, we'll contact you for additional information.

Available internships and full-time jobs

Below is a list of new and open positions offered through the Career Network, followed by the states in which they're offered.
CVirtual Internship - Nevada
Pioneer POS Sales Associate - California
Enterprise Management Trainee - Arizona
New York Life Sales Representative - Arizona, Nevada
Greek Ladders Campus Representative - Nevada
Yelp Internship - Arizona

As always, we're here to help candidates and employers connect. If you're looking for the ideal staff member or searching for a great job/internship, contact us right away. CLICK HERE to get the conversation started.

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