E-News Bulletin - February 23 2015

This issue of the Greek Ladders E-News Bulletin features career tips, connections, and events.

CANDIDATES - What are your career interests?

By sharing your career interests and work experiences, you're providing yet another great way to connect to outstanding employers. In just 120 seconds you could become degrees closer to making an ideal internship or full-time job connection. Click the graphic below or this link to update your online career profile.



Upcoming events hosted or sponsored by Greek Ladders

February 24
University of Arizona - How to Sell Anything Career Workshop - Info/RSVP

February 25
University of Arizona - Career Branding & Networking Workshop - Info/RSVP

March 3
University of Arizona - Careers in Business Panel - Info/RSVP

March 4
University of Arizona - How to Get the Most Out of Your College Experience - Info/RSVP

March 5
University of Nevada - All-Greek Networking Night - Student-Only Info/RSVP ... Alumnus/Leader=-Only Info/RSVP

Best Practice - Exceed at interviews by researching employers

Exceed your interviewing goals by learning more about the business or non-profit organization prior to your interview.

Congratulations, you’ve been invited to interview with a prospective employer! Now what, do you sit idly by waiting for the big day or do you try to set yourself apart from others?

Employers are looking for someone with a real interest in their organizations. Conducting research, in advance of the interview, will set you apart from other candidates. When you know something about an organization, you can confidently describe it in more relevant terms. At the same time, the conversation and line of questions you ask will help you decide if the employer is a good fit for you. The research you conduct will set the tone for a more informative exchange, clearly demonstrating your interest in the employer and the open position.
Simply being informed about an employer does not guarantee a successful interview unless you use that information effectively. Knowledge of the employer is only helpful if you know how to incorporate that information into the interview. Here are a few ways you can incorporate research into your interview.

  • Relate your skills to those needed for the position.
  • Share transferable skills like communications, writing, computer knowledge, etc.
  • Illustrate how you can help the employer be more competitive.
  • Request information only on topics of which you're truly interested.
  • Ask questions that encourage the employer to expand on information from the literature.

The information you gather about employers will strengthen your position and help you make a positive first impression in an interview.

This Week's Campus Career Fairs

There are a number of career fairs this week, especially on campuses where candidates using the Greek Ladders Career Network are affiliated.

Below is a list of career fairs, which our candidates should be leveraging to launch their careers. Click each LINK for details.

Monday, February 23
New York - Hospitality & Tourism Industry Expo - LINK

Tuesday, February 24
California Polytechnic University-Pomona - Teaching Education Job Fair - LINK
New York University - Education, Health, International Affairs, & Non-Profit Industry Expo - LINK
Oklahoma State University - Architecture Career Fair - LINK
University of Akron - Engineering, Science and Technology Career Fair- LINK 
University of Louisiana-Lafayette - Career Fair - LINK 
University of Massachusetts-Amherst - Diversity Career Fair - LINK
University of Oklahoma - Summer Camp Job Fair - LINK

Wednesday, February 25
Ohio State University - Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences Career Expo - LINK 
Purdue University - Department of Forestry & Natural Resources Career Fair - LINK 
Randolph-Macon College - Career Fair - LINK
Texas Tech University - Architecture Fair - LINK
University of Akron - Career Fair - LINK
University of Massachusetts-Amherst - Campus-wide Job & Internship Fair - LINK
University of Oklahoma - College of Architecture Career and Internship Fair - LINK
University of South Carolina - Education Recruitment Day - LINK

Thursday, February 26
California State University-Long Beach - Job Fair - LINK
California State University-Monterey Bay - Career Fair - LINK
New York University - Women's Foreign Policy Group Mentoring Fair - LINK
Texas Tech University - Architecture Fair - LINK
University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign - Civil and Electrical Engineering Fair - LINK
University of Nebraska-Omaha - Career and Internship Fair - LINK
University of Nevada-Reno - Engineering Internship & Career Fair - LINK
University of Oklahoma - Construction Science Career Fair - LINK

Friday, February 27
Oklahoma State University - Diversity Career Fair - LINK
University of Oregon - Diversity Career Symposium - LINK
University of Tampa - Career Expo - LINK

Opportunity for Nevada business leaders and University of Nevada alumni/ae

You're invited to the largest business/community leader-to-student networking event in Nevada history!

In conjunction with the University of Nevada's Fraternity & Sorority Life Office, we're hosting an All-Greek Networking Night on the evening of Thursday, March 5th. Nearly 1,000 students will participate in the event, located in the JCSU Ballrooms.


We're recruiting upwards of 100-200 business and community leaders, as well as alumni/ae members of Greek Life (not just from the University of Nevada) will participate in the networking activities.

CLICK HERE or the above graphic for more details and to RSVP.

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