E-News Bulletin - February 2 2015

This week's Greek Ladders E-News Bulletin features new jobs, career planning tip, and our first two Top Candidate Tuesday lists.

New Jobs Posted

Financial Controller
Field Supervisor
Field Foreman

Upcoming career events

February 4
How to Get the Most Out of Your College Experience - available only to members of Chi Omega at the University of Arizona

Just added!!!
March 5
University of Nevada - All-Greek Networking Night

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Never Too Early to Start Career Planning

Though the majority of students wait until their junior or senior years to place significant emphasis on their careers, a large number of leadership development and career preparation resources are available for students from the moment they step foot on campus. Students who are serious, or even remotely interested, in developing a strong career-building portfolio, might consider a four-year approach which includes the following resources.

Freshman Year

  • Time management
  • Study skills management
  • Chapter history and leadership
  • Importance of chapter and campus involvement
  • Philanthropy and service
  • Risk management
  • Personal mission and vision
  • Effective communication
  • Setting effective goals
  • Ritual education

Sophomore Year

  • Skills and career assessment
  • Motivating and retaining leaders
  • Group leadership styles
  • Problem solving and ethical decision making
  • Portfolio development
  • Group dynamics and conflict resolution
  • Meeting management
  • Critical thinking
  • Art of facilitation
  • Value of internships

Junior Year

  • Public speaking strategies
  • Personal leadership style
  • Ethics and integrity in leadership
  • Leadership values
  • Being an inclusive leader
  • Empowering people through delegation
  • Motivating self and others
  • Mentoring and empowering others
  • Civic leadership
  • Networking for success

Senior Year

  • Strengths-based community development
  • Creating social change
  • Resolving conflicts and negotiations
  • Cover letter and resume development
  • Interview skills
  • Preparing for grad school
  • Personal finance for young graduates
  • Role as a chapter alumnus

Obtaining a job out of college is simply the first step towards financial independence and personal success. Becoming a leader in the student’s chosen profession is equally as important, if not more. The leadership development and career preparation resources, found above, play an instrumental role in preparing students for future excellence.

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Is your career profile up to date? Employers are watching!

Employers have the ability to view candidate profiles as they seek interns and full-time employees. Use this quick and easy guide to increase the chances of getting noticed.

In just one click, employers have access to a list or lists of candidates from which to pursue for internships and full-time jobs. Each directory contains the following:

  • Name of Candidate
  • Major
  • Class Year (includes alumnus and grad student)
  • Career Interests
  • Career Capital - a numerical value indicate the candidate's active use of the career network
  • Social Media icons - links (if provided) to the candidate's Facebook and Twitter accounts

The directories are arranged in Career Capital order, allowing employers view the profiles of candidates who make the most of the career network. This includes updating career profiles, reading/sharing resources, attending events, endorsing or applying for jobs, and recruiting others to join the network.

CLICK HERE for an easy guide, suited for candidates who leverage the Greek Ladders career network, and is definitely a great tool for all candidates. For those whose profiles are not complete, they're strongly encouraged to click on every link shown in the first image.

#TCT - Top Candidate Tuesday

TCT is a new program, where we're spotlighting five candidates every Tuesday, as a means of bringing them one degree closer to employer recruiters.

Employers - are you taking advantage of our latest promotion of outstanding candidates?

Candidates - the best way to get considered for the list, is to do this (CLICK HERE). Tomorrow's group has not been selected yet!

In case you missed the first two #TCT promotions, here are the candidates:

CLICK HERE if you wish to be introduced to one or more of these candidates.

Alexis - University of Nevada senior majoring in Math and Statistics and minoring in Physical Science. She seeks a career in aviation engineering and technology. CLICK HERE to see her profile and resume.

John - Ohio State University sophomore majoring in Business Administration (specialization: Finance) and minoring in Comparative Politics. CLICK HERE to see his profile and resume.

Collin - University of Arizona freshman majoring in Business and minoring in Sports Management.CLICK HERE to see his profile and resume.

Charles - University of Central Florida sophomore majoring in Industrial Engineering. CLICK HERE to see his profile and resume.

Kyle - University of Pittsburgh alumnus, who earned a BA in Communications and minored in Film Studies. He's seeking to advance his career in international relations & media.CLICK HERE to see his profile and resume.

Taylor - University of Arizona sophomore majoring in Molecular and Cellular Biology. She seeks a career in a zoological setting, conducting research or managing outreach for the conservation of endangered species.CLICK HERE to see her profile and resume.

Scott - Arizona State University graduate, who earned a BS degree in Exercise and Wellness with an emphasis in health promotion. He's interested in becoming a physical therapist. CLICK HERE to see his profile and resume.

Paisley - University of Maryland-Baltimore County junior majoring in Psychology & Counseling. She interested in a career in child care. CLICK HERE to see her profile and resume.

Clayton - Salisbury University alumnus, who earned a BSBA in Marketing & Management. He's pursuing a career in digital marketing and management.CLICK HERE to see his profile and resume.

Andrew - University of South Carolina senior majoring in Finance and minoring in Real Estate & Commercial Development. He seeks a position in the real estate or finance industries.CLICK HERE to see his profile and resume.

CLICK HERE if you wish to be introduced to one or more of these candidates.

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