E-News Bulletin - January 12 2015

Last week, we announced that employers were given access to online profiles of candidates in the Greek Ladders career network. Since many candidates were still on vacation, we've elected to repost last week's bulletin. However, we've added a few more items to the issue, including a list of recently added job openings, video teaser, and upcoming campus career fairs.

At the bottom of the issue is a promotion for one of our partners, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, which offers an exciting and lucrative program for anyone seeking an exciting career.

Job Openings

The following positions are featured on the Greek Ladders website, located by clicking Connect, then Look for Jobs.

QA Manager
Call Center Supervisor
Collections Supervisor
Programmatic Media Director
Director of Strategic Communications
Director of Development & Strategic Partnerships
Sales Representative
IT Intern
Financial Advisor
Regional Sales Associate

We also know about a Branch Manager position in Riverside, California, which is not posted on our website. If interested in learning more, click here to send us a quick email.

Video Profiles Coming Soon!

Through our partnership with CVirtual, a Reno-based staffing company, we plan to add video capabilities to candidate profiles. Adding CVirtual to the Greek Ladders team, provides candidates with the opportunity to significantly enhance the possibility of getting noticed by potential employers. 

Look for an announcement, this week, which will include a link to create and post a video to your career profile. In the meantime, be sure update your career profile with information and the latest of your resume.

Upcoming Career Fairs

Students attending one of our four Campus Affiliates please note the upcoming career fairs on your campus. We've posted these fairs on our Events Calendar, thus enabling you to increase Career Capital through your attendance. Please click on the following for details.
University of New Mexico Spring Career Expo (February 12)
University of Nevada All Majors Career Fair (February 13)
Ohio State University Spring Career Fair (March 24)
University of Arizona Spring Career Days (March 31 and April 1)

Guide for Employers

Businesses, non-profits, agencies, etc. which are enlisted as annual subscribers in the Greek Ladders career network will receive emails containing directories of candidates, based on their subscriptions.

Here's a tutorial to help organizations understand the directories, as well as the profiles of candidates with whom they wish to target.

Employers don't need to look far to gather information on internship and job seeking candidates using the Greek Ladders career network. The following image and description provides sheds light on items included in the directories and profiles. Click on it for a larger image.

Candidate_Directory_keypoints.pngCandidate directories are available to employers which have current subscriptions in the career network. Each directory provides a list of candidates, based on key criteria (typically by campus).

The following appears on each directory:

  • Candidate's name
  • Photo (if available)
  • Career Capital
  • Social media icons
  • Class Year (includes post-graduate)
  • Major/Degree
  • Career Interests

The image describes particular benefits associated with the directory.

It's important to note that listings of candidates are arranged by Career Capital, which is a numerical value of the candidate's participation. The number represents an accumulation of points earned by updating one's online career profile, reading/sharing career development resources, attending career workshops and networking functions, recruiting other candidates to join the network, and the list goes on. It's intended to signify each candidate's level of interests.

When the candidate's photo or name is clicked, his or her profile appears. If the candidate has an updated profile and a current resume, it will appear on the screen (see the image sample).

Information included, assuming the candidate's profile is complete and current, include:

  • Resume
  • Fraternity/Sorority Name
  • University
  • Major
  • Minor
  • Class Year
  • Scholarships earned
  • Awards received
  • Fraternity/Sorority Chapter Involvement 
  • Campus/Community Involvement
  • Career Objective
  • Work Experience
  • Career Interests

In addition, the candidate's social media icons will appear, making it easy to gather additional information about the individual.

We recognize that by providing the social media links and contact information, employers can contact candidates directly. We value our privacy policies and hope they'll be followed accordingly. Should employers directly contact candidates, they're encouraged to notify us. This creates two opportunities...informs us of the employer's interest and allows us to followup with both employer and candidate as proper follow-through.

If the images are too small to legibly read, please click on the image for a larger version. Also, should you encounter any issues, please send us a quick email.

Recommended Candidates Directory 

Take a look at what the directories offer, by looking at our Recommended Candidates Directory. We're giving brief access to all recruiters to a directory of "preferred" or "recommended" candidates.

Click here to see the Recommended Candidates Directory.

The short list of talent contains names and links to profiles of students and alumni/ae seeking internships and full-time employment. Use the tutorial to navigate through this directory. Please note that the candidates on this directory have shown a high level of interest in pursuing their careers.

If, for some reason, you're not able to access the directory, please go to the Employer Registration webpage. A complimentary "Basic" registration has been created, should you just want to see the directory and/or wish to browse around the network.

Reminder to Student and Alumni/ae Candidates

Every candidate in our career network will be placed onto one or more directories for employer recruiters to use in their searches for new hires and interns. Remember, unlike the "Recommended Candidates" directory, the order of candidates in all other directories will be based on their Career Capital points.

Be sure to Sign In to the your profile and update it. CLICK HERE for a quick guide. Don't forget to post your resume! 


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