E-News Bulletin - November 17, 2014

There's something for everyone in this week's Bulletin. Whether you're looking for a job or internship, want to get connected to employers, and/or participate in a cool survey. It's full of opportunities, so give it a good look.
There's also an important invitation for graduating seniors.
You're encouraged to forward this email to fellow chapter members and those in other fraternities and sororities.


Recommended Job Openings

PioneerPOS - Regional Sales Associate - Los Angeles

The Regional Sales Manager is responsible for business development among resellers who sell touch screen terminals with related software in hospitality, retail, warehousing, kiosk, institutional, and any market segment that would employee the use of a computer touch screen or mobile computing.

CLICK HERE for more information and to apply.

Enterprise - Management Trainee - Arizona

As a Management Trainee, you are empowered to make business decisions that greatly affect your career as well as the bottom line. You'll gain responsibility for developing new business and maintaining current relationships. You'll be responsible for understanding cost control, reading your branch's P&L statement and understanding what it takes to run a profitable business. You will also learn how to deliver superior customer service. We will teach you how to effectively communicate, influence and interact with all types of customers, vendors and co-workers. You'll learn proper sales techniques to problem solving and conflict management. Those skills will provide you with the opportunity to market to local business partners and build solid, long-lasting relationships with key business decision-makers. In your development to become a successful manager at Enterprise, you'll learn how to mentor, train, develop, manage and promote a staff of your

CLICK HERE for more information and to get introduced to a recruiter.

Greek Ladders Overview

Share with alumni and employers.
Greek Ladders is designed as a great tool for job-seekers and employers, serving as a guide, facilitator, resource, opportunity, connector, and more. It is a catalyst toward presenting new hires, which fulfill recruitment goals.

Often asked about the "hows" and "whys," here's insight into the Greek Ladders model. To start, the company was founded and continues to operate in response critical needs personally identified in the recruitment world (e.g. workplace issues, recruitment mismatches, questionable skilled labor, inability to connect with candidates, etc.). All ideas, actions, and goals arise because of the passion and enthusiasm of the company's founders and representative leaders.
CLICK HERE to see how Greek Ladders works


Building strong relationships with chapters

Developing strong relationships with chapter is very important to us. We seek these “affiliate” relationships, so that the students they serve are afforded outstanding opportunities.

The Chapter Affiliate program enables chapters to…qrcode-chapters.png

  • provide a well-rounded leadership experience to chapter members
  • serve as a catalyst in a member’s career development path
  • opportunity to improve alumni relations
  • meet and develop relationships with business and non-profit professionals
  • provide an exceptional tool to increase the level of chapter member involvement

CLICK HERE to register your chapter!

Post your resume

Employment recruiters have access to candidate professional profiles and "Resume Central" found on the Greek Ladders website. All current and alumni/ae members of fraternities and sororities may post resumes onto the website. Each resume will be reviewed by experts and recruiters.
CLICK HERE to post your resume.

inqiri starting soon

Through our partnership with inqiri, we will be launching a unique inquiry for students and alumni/ae affiliated with the University of Arizona and University of Nevada. We have created three inquiries, as a means of gathering career-related feedback, to be used towards improving career development programs via Greek Ladders and each campus. New answers can be created at anytime and results will be available in real-time.
The inqiri system is very unique. To use it to the best of its potential, each participant needs a little familiarity with it. As such, we're launching each inquiry with a basic question about campus life.
You're invited to participate. Please expect and accept an email to participate in this very unique and exceptionally designed career development program.

Message for graduating seniors

We cancelled the previously-scheduled workshops on all campuses, so that we can place all of our attention on graduating seniors.
If you're graduating at the end of this term and have not accepted a job, we're ready and eager to help. Here's what you do:

Greek Ladders exists to connect you with opportunities and give you a "leg up" in the recruitment process. Time is of the essence and we want to help you out as much as we can.


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