E-News Bulletin - November 23, 2015

This week's issue, mostly due to Thanksgiving Week, is shorter than usual, but still has amazing information.

This Week's Campus Career Events

Given that it's Thanksgiving week, schools are taking a break from career events. We know of three taking place early this week.

City University of New York - Queens College
What are Employers Looking for in a Job Candidate
Monday, November 23 - 3:00pm EST - DETAILS

University of Florida
Navigating Offer to Office
Monday, November 23 - 4:05pm EST - DETAILS

University of Florida
Translating Your UF Experience
Tuesday, November 24 - 4:05pm EST - DETAILS

Click here if you know of a career workshop or fair taking place on your campus. We'll post and promote it!

Circle of Change Leadership Conference = Wow!

The three-day student leadership conference at Cal State Dominguez Hills was simply life-altering!

Over 200 student and professional leaders converged onto the CSUDH campus for a weekend of inspiration, learning, and connection.

Our role at the conference was to manage the CareerFEST, which took place late Friday afternoon. Representatives from eight businesses met with students to talk about careers, tips to landing great jobs, and possible jobs and internships at their companies. The event was a hit for both students and recruiters!

The entire weekend was incredibly uplifting and powerful for students looking to advance their own leadership and passions to new levels. Between the organizers, facilitators, panelists, and sponsors, the students received a wealth of knowledge, best practices, and new opportunities.

We've committed to playing a big leadership role and coordinating the CareerFEST for COCLC2016!

Click here for a few images from the conference.

Another All-Greek Networking Night Scheduled!!! 

We now have two networking nights scheduled in the month of March 2016.

  1. University of Arizona - March 3
  2. University of Nevada - March 10 

Others are being planned, as we speak, for the spring semester. Click here to notify us of your interest and learn more about this popular opportunity offered by Greek Ladders. 

A Time to Be Thankful and Proactive

Thanksgiving week gives us an opportunity to appreciate the many great people and experiences in our lives. Whether it's related to school, work, community, or home our lives are surrounded by greatness. As you're celebrating the week with family and friends, take advantage of the opportunities to provide a boost to your career planning.

When you have alone time and when you're surrounded by others, be sure to:

Identify the different things that drive your passion
Share them with others to gather feedback and fine-tune what really drives you. Recognizing the roots of your passion will be the foundation for the next steps you take in your career.

Answer "What do you do?" and "Tell me about you?"
Responses to these questions...because you will be asked repeatedly...will help you craft a compelling 30-second elevator pitch. You know, what you'll share with someone when you're riding up in an elevator when you're asked "Tell me about yourself?" It's very similar to what you'll say when you're asked to describe yourself in a group of people in a meeting.

Talk about jobs and the professional world
Sure, you'll talk about school, life, and football, but there will be golden opportunities to talk about professions. Ask people the whys and hows of their careers. These conversations will likely segue toward your careers, possible job openings, references to other professional leaders, and possible career connections. Even if the people you're talking to are not in the field of your interest, they'll likely know people in our desired industry.

Brag about your campus involvement
Tell everyone what you're doing on campus. They may ask about your schoolwork, but they'll really want to hear about your extra-curricular activities. Share the accomplishments of the various clubs and organizations and your role in the various achievements. Don't be afraid to brag. Once you've shared them verbally, write them down. These talking points may be ideal for your resume.

Beef up your resume
It's quite possible you haven't looked at your resume in a while. Take a few minutes to review and revise your resume. Look to see where you need to add new accomplishments, change dates, and rewrite descriptions.

Have us review your resume
Between visits with friends and big games, we're busy reviewing resumes over the break. Send us your resume. We'll provide feedback, including suggested improvements and things to consider.

Update your Career Profile
Take five minutes to identify your career interests, identify your major/degree, and describe your campus involvement. Be sure to post your resume. Employers are reviewing the profiles on a regular basis, however they're starting with candidates who have completed their profiles.


At Greek Ladders, we're thankful for the thousands of job-seekers and recruiters using our network to launch and advance careers. We're using this week to celebrate the many connections made through this network and how they're changing lives every day. We're realizing our ultimate goal of being a key catalyst in strong career connections between young job-seekers and outstanding employers.

We strongly recommend taking full advantage of Thanksgiving week to take your career possibilities to the next level.


May you and your family have a truly amazing Thanksgiving.

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