E-News Bulletin - November 2, 2015


A weekly bulletin to inform current and alum members of fraternities and sororities about career opportunities.


Career Fairs

Below is a list of career fairs, which our candidates should be leveraging to launch their careers. Click [details] for key information about each event.

Monday, November 2

  • Loyola Marymount University - Graduate School Fair [details]

Tuesday, November 3

  • Florida Gulf Coast University - Justice Studies and Social Work Career & Internship Fair [details]
  • Northern Arizona University - Career & Graduate School Expo [details]
  • Texas Tech University - Teacher Job Fair [details]
  • University of California-Riverside - Law School Information Day [details]
  • University of Texas-Austin - Teacher Fair [details]

Wednesday, November 4

  • California State University-Long Beach - Government Day [details]
  • Minnesota State University-Moorhead - Internship & Career Fair [details]
  • University of Arizona - Graduate School Day [details]
  • University of California-San Diego - Law School Information Fair [details]
  • University of Kansas - Education Career Fair [details]

Thursday, November 5

  • Arizona State University - Grad School Fair [details]
  • California Polytechnic University-Pomona - Graduate & Professional School Fair [details]
  • Ohio State University - Graduate and Professional School Fair [details]
  • University of California-Santa Barbara - Graduate & Professional Schools Day [details]
  • University of Kentucky - Nonprofit Resource Fair [details]
  • University of New Mexico - Public Service Career Showcase [details]

Friday, November 6

  • Appalachian State University - College of Business International Fair [details]
  • New York University - Public Health Fair [details]
  • Ohio State University - College of Social Work Career and Field Exploration Fair [details]

Click here to receive a professional recommendation on the great connections you make at the career fair!

Hot Jobs to Consider

Here's a list of great jobs offered by a number of our employers.

Position Title - Location

We're helping fill other positions. In fact, we're currently filling positions: communications manager (health-related non-profit) and a social media manager (aviation non-profit)...both full time positions available to start in upcoming weeks. Send us an email to let us know you're interested.

Recent Blogs and Articles

Successful Networking from Home
Reading an article posted on the Forbes website on October 26 caught my eye. Entitled “9 Ways to Network Without Leaving Your Couch” (via The Muse), the author (Kat Boogaard) identified ways to make career connections when not meeting face to face. The author immediately recognized the significance of making connections by shaking hands, then quickly dove into several ways to take big steps toward developing strong networks.  -  READ MORE

Setting millennials up for workforce success
An article written by Jason Kulpa, CEO of Underground Elephant, offers millennials with tips on how to prepare for success. Upon review of the informative article, “Snapshot of the millennial workforce: Setting yourself up for success,” we target two of the tips. According to Kulpa, “Millennials, when you're trying to break into the workforce, presenting your unique skills can take some creative effort.”  -  READ MORE

Career planning tips lead to professional success
An article in the October 29 issue of the Phoenix Business Journal, which offered body language tips for business success, could have easily been written to find a great job. The article written by contributing writer, Peggy Parks, was entitled "How to make body language work for you in business." It was a simple review of how to make a strong first impression. The writer's tips were spot-on, especially when making that first business-to-business interaction. Three tips, in particular, are among the best practices we share when coaching job-seekers.  -  READ MORE

Share your experience as a Philanthropy Chair

We're conducting an assessment of philanthropy chairs for three principle reasons:

  1. illustrate importance of philanthropy as an exceptional function of Greek life
  2. highlight skills and tasks as transferable into the professional workplace
  3. present best practices to future philanthropy chairs

Serving as a fraternity or sorority chapter's chair of philanthropy takes a great deal of work, as it's one of the primary ways a chapter makes a difference and is recognized on a college campus and in the local community. We believe the skills utilized by successful chairs, as well as the tasks each leader practices will be applied as these individuals exceed in their respective careers. 

If you're a past or current Philanthropy Chairperson, you're encouraged to take two minutes to answer three simple questions.

philanthropy chair duties

CLICK HERE to participate

Millennial Study: Elance-Odesk Millennial Majority Workforce

According to Elance, this study reveals changes in how we work, generational differences, and the critical role millennials play for businesses as we move forward. Among findings, millennials offer unique skills - such as fresh ideas, adaptability and tech-savvy - that businesses need in order to innovate and remain competitive. Although clear contrasts exist between the prior generation and millennials, these are to be expected as millennials reinvent what it means to be successful in a rapidly changing, technology-driven world.

Key stats and info include:

  • 82% of hiring managers believe millennials bring unique skills, especially that they are more technically adept than other generations
  • 53% of hiring mangers report finding difficult finding and retaining millennial talent
  • Millennials care more about the people they work with, exciting work, and good mentorship, and less about money than hiring managers realize

READ MORE - including stats, an infographic, a slideshare, and link for the full report.

NEW EVENT - University of Arizona - Tuesday, November 10


  • November 10
  • 6:00pm
  • Career panel and speed networking
  • Participating representatives from: Northwestern Mutual, PKB Retirement Services, Geico, Modular Mining Systems, Endeavor America, Ingersoll Rand

Click here to RSVP

This Week's Career Workshops and Events

Monday, November 2

  • California State University-Long Beach – Surfing for Internships
  • California State University-San Diego – Connecting to Career Services workshop
  • Texas Tech University – Education Mixer
  • University of Arizona – Earn a 20% Raise and Promotion in 8 weeks
  • University of Connecticut – Using LinkedIn in your job search
  • University of Mary Washington – Job Search 101
  • University of Maryland - Baltimore County – Keys to Success: Your Personality, Your Career
  • University of New Mexico – How to Work a Career Fair
  • Western Oregon University – Etiquette Dinner
  • University of Washington – Networking Lab

Tuesday, November 3

  • California State University-Long Beach – Communication Etiquette: Cover Letters & More
  • California State University-San Diego – LinkedIn & Social Media Drive In
  • New York University – Mentoring for Sustainability Fair
  • Oklahoma State University – Lunch & Learn - Smart Start Salaries and Negotiation
  • Purdue University – Acing the Interview
  • University of Central Florida – Salary Negotiation
  • University of Florida – Establishing Your Brand Based on Your Mission and Values
  • University of Maryland – How to find an internship workshop
  • University of New Mexico – Resume Rescue
  • University of South Carolina – Career Conversations: Science

Wednesday, November 4

  • California State University-San Diego – Interview with Confidence
  • Central Washington University – Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Internships
  • City University of New York-Queens College – What are Employers Looking for in a Job Candidate
  • Florida Gulf Coast University – Fall Etiquette Dinner
  • Robert Morris University – Jump-Start Your Job Search
  • Texas Tech University – What you need to know to get your resume noticed
  • University of Akron – Etiquette Dinner
  • University of California-Santa Barbara – Writing a statement of purpose and personal statement
  • University of Central Florida – Networking Techniques
  • University of Connecticut – Finding an Internship
  • University of Florida – Creating an Effective Resume, Cover Letter and Interview
  • University of Georgia – Resume Critique Day
  • University of Montana – Job Search & Interviewing Workshop
  • University of New Mexico – Fall Diversity Networking Event

Thursday, November 5

  • California State University-San Diego – Career Conversations: Sustainability
  • New York University – Dining for Success
  • University of California-San Diego – Acing the Phone Interview - Tips for Success
  • University of California-Santa Barbara – Graduate & Professional Schools Day
  • University of Central Florida – Written Job Search Communications
  • University of Connecticut – Professional Writing for the job search
  • University of Florida – Developing Your Academic Job Search Documents
  • University of Maryland-Baltimore County – Diversity Recruitment Event
  • University of Oregon – Fall Networking Night
  • University of Tampa – Making the Most of LinkedIn
  • University of Washington – Identifying Your Strengths Lab

Friday, November 6

  • California State University-San Diego – Budget Planning for the New Professional
  • University of Nevada-Reno – BizTalk Blender
  • University of Tampa – Open Mock Interviews

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