E-News Bulletin - November 30, 2015


There's good information in this week's issue, including career planning best practices, list of this week's campus events, roster of campuses where we have a presence, and an opportunity for recruiters.

Sourcing Job-Seeking Candidates to Employers

Based on interest from business leaders in various communities, and demand from our subscription-based employers, we added a staffing (or placement) solution as a means of joining our career network.

In this model, we proactively source candidates to employers to meet their immediate hiring needs. This model differs from the subscription-based model, where we proactively present employers to candidates.

Click here to learn more about the process and how to sign up.

Connecting collegiate candidates to employment

We spend our days and nights working to make ideal connections between college students and alumni to employers and their job and internship opportunities.

Focusing on campus leaders enables us to present candidates, whom possess applicable skills, which are immediately utilized in the workplace. We believe the skills learned via extra-curricular activities, clubs, and organizations sets these students and young professionals apart from fellow candidates.

There are thousands of job and internship seeking candidates in the Greek Ladders Career Network. These candidates are current students and young professionals, affiliated with college campuses throughout the United States. We're pleased to be working with candidates affiliated with these nearly 90 college campuses.

Click here to view a roster of campuses, where current students and young alumni are working with us to find quality employment.

Boost your visibility to employers

The best way to get your job candidacy considered by employers is to be totally on top of your career planning game. Through Greek Ladders, job-seekers are introduced to employers through career events (workshops, networking receptions, etc.), personally recommended, and viewed through your online career profile.

Get noticed by recruiters after just ten minutes to complete your online career profile.

The more we know about you, the more we recommend you to potential employers. The primary ways for us to truly know you is by talking, emailing, and having a completely full career profile.

Click here to quickly update your profile and get noticed by employers.

Strong action words will enhance your resume

It's no secret that reviewers scan resumes in under 15 seconds. That's not nearly enough time to grasp a decent picture of your skills. By using select keywords, you can capture the reader's attention long enough to focus a bit more time on your resume.

Whether it's a human or a machine, there are certain action verbs to consider when writing your resume. Click here for a list of words to use.

This week's Campus Career Events

As the fall semester comes to a close, there are very few career workshops and fairs on college campuses.

The following events are taking place this week.

California State University - Long Beach
Industry Spotlight: Nonprofits and Social Justice
Monday, December 1 - 4:00pm PST - DETAILS

University of Georgia
Teacher Education Job Search Workshop
Monday, December 1 - 4:30pm EST - DETAILS

University of Maryland
How to find an internship workshop
Monday, December 1 - 4:00pm EST - DETAILS

University of Washington
Interviewing for Academic Careers workshop
Monday, December 1 - 3:30pm PST - DETAILS

California State University - Long Beach
I'm Graduated Now What?
Tuesday, December 2 - 12:00pm PST - DETAILS

Purdue University
School of Nursing Career Fair
Wednesday, December 3 - 11:30am EST - DETAILS

California State University - Long Beach
Resume Writing Essentials
Wednesday, December 3 - 2:00pm PST - DETAILS

It's all about Transferable Skills

We work closely with campus leaders to connect them to career opportunities. These individuals are actively engaged in fraternities and sororities, within clubs and organizations, as student body officers and senators, and community activists. In the many roles they play, they're learning, sculpting, practicing, and teaching skills which will be utilized in the workplace. These are the same skills recruiters seek when identifying top talent.

We'd like your help to determine the many skills and benefits associated with campus leadership. We're starting with two positions used in most Greek-letter organizations and campus clubs.

We'll post the results over the upcoming Holiday Break. More importantly, we'll use the information to remind recruiters of the incredible values and transferable skills associated with active campus and community involvement.

Invitation to Recruiters and Business Leaders

The events we host are becoming increasingly popular with students and leaders. The following are networking mixers, which attract upwards of 750 students and 100 business leaders, depending on the campus. The ROI is quite high, enabling recruiters and leaders to make strong connections with future professional leaders. There's no cost to attend these events.

Please indicate your interest per the following events:

University of Arizona All-Greek Networking Night
The date has changed to March 9. Click to RSVP.

University of Nevada All-Greek Networking Night
The March 10 event will be the country's largest networking event of its kind. Click to RSVP

Also, we're talking to undergraduate and staff leaders on the following campuses about scheduling a Networking Night this coming Spring semester. Click here and let us know which of the following you're interested in attending.

  • California State University - Long Beach
  • University of Nevada - Las Vegas




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