E-News Bulletin - November 3, 2014

This week's bulletin announces a new job posting, upcoming career workshop, article about hiring increases, and employers able to view candidate profiles.

Hiring of college students will greatly increase this year

A study recently released by the Collegiate Employment Research Institute at Michigan State University revealed that hiring for bachelor’s degrees will increase by 16 percent this year.

Nearly 5,700 employers responded to the annual survey. We found the following statistics very favorable for those seeking employment:

  • More than 50% were outside recruiters and company human resource managers looking for full-time employees.
  • 97% will hire at least one new college graduate in 2014-2015.
  • 66% indicated growth was very important for their hiring.

CLICK HERE to see more study findings.

New Job Posted

Pioneer POS Looking to fill an entry position as a regional sales manager assistant. The position is based at Pioneer's Corporate headquarters and covers the western states from Nebraska west. The job is perfect for a recent or soon-to-be graduate.

CLICK HERE to see the full description and to apply. 

Upcoming Workshop - Careers in Advertising, Public Relations, Sales & Retail

At the University of Arizona All-Greek Career Workshop, students gain deeper understanding of what’s needed to secure employment in the areas of advertising, marketing, public relations, and media. The expert speakers will also share insight into what students can do now to be successful after getting the job.

Eight business leaders will share input, ideas, and experiences at the All-Greek workshop.

The workshop, sponsored by the Interfraternity Council and hosted by Sigma Chi Fraternity, will take place on Wednesday, November 12 at 6pm.

CLICK HERE for more information, see the list of presenters, and save a seat.

Online Profiles of Candidates Now Available to Employers

Employers now have receive access to a listing of candidates, arranged in order of Career Capital. They'll use the listing to identify potential interns and full-time employees, as well as candidates with whom they wish to build relationships.

This presents candidates with an incredible opportunity to get noticed by outstanding employers.

CLICK HERE to update your online career profile.

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