E-News Bulletin - November 9, 2015

A weekly bulletin to inform current and alum members of fraternities and sororities about career opportunities. Featured in this week's issue is a list of career fairs and workshops, a personal branding blog, cover letter tips blog, a review of a study on millennials, and a message to Arizona students. 

Career Fairs

Below is a list of career fairs, which our candidates should be leveraging to launch their careers. Click [details] for key information about each event.

Tuesday, November 10

  • Indiana University - Sport & Business Career Focus Fair [details]
  • Lenoir-Rhyne University - Health Sciences Career Fair [details]

Wednesday, November 11

  • City University of New York-Queens College - Graduate School Day [details]
  • University of Maryland-Baltimore County - Intern Conference [details]
  • University of Texas-San Antonio - Texas Energy Expo [details]

Thursday, November 12

  • New York University - NYU Startup Fair [details]
  • University of Georgia - Education Majors Fair [details]
  • University of Oregon - Fall Career Fair [details]
  • University of South Carolina - Graduate & Professional School Fair [details]
  • University of Washington - Law School Fair [details]

Friday, November 13

  • Florida Gulf Coast University - Engineering Career & Internship Expo [details]
  • George Washington University - NGO, Non-Profit and Government Career Fair [details]

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Developing Your Personal Brand

When reading today’s issue of the Reno-Gazette Journal, the article titled, “Tips for developing your personal brand” caught my eye.

The author, Matt Tarpey of Career Builder, does a nice job in providing simple suggestions to position oneself to potential employers. He presented four basic tips:

  1. Identify your passion
  2. Prepare an elevator pitch
  3. Network
  4. Get your name out there

These are strong tips, and I’d like to add more to truly help job-seekers position themselves for ideal employment opportunities. 

CLICK HERE for the full blog.

Millennial Study - Barnes & Noble College Study

We feature a study conducted by the Barnes & Noble College, which assessed college juniors and seniors. Included are stats, an infographic, and a link for the full report.

As a trusted partner to more than 725 college campuses nationwide, our mission at Barnes & Noble College is to work closely with our campus partners to enhance the academic and social experience for those we serve – students, faculty, staff, alumni and communities. Given that student career readiness is a core goal for colleges/universities and their students, we partnered with Gen Y consulting company, Why Millennials Matter, to conduct this initial nationwide study. Our goal is to gather insight, share strategies and build programs to help the students we serve succeed in and out of the classroom, and to help our campus partners’ achieve their retention, recruitment and career placement outcomes.

Key stats include:

  • only 14% have completed a career inventory
  • 19% have attended employer information sessions
  • 15% have participated in mock interview sessions
  • 25% have worked with their career center
  • Less than 10% consider themselves actively searching for jobs

CLICK HERE for more stats and an infographic.

Seven Basic Cover Letter Rules

The cover letter is a very important part of your job application. While the resume gives the employer a good idea of your skills and experience, the cover letter describes why you should be considered.

Have you ever written a cover letter?

The cover letter is a very important part of your job application. While the resume gives the employer a good idea of your skills and experience, the cover letter describes why you should be considered. It also illustrates your writing skills. Because it’s such a vital component of the job application, here are basic rules to remember.

  1. Have a plan
  2. Research the employer
  3. Describe yourself
  4. Build a personal connection
  5. Be concise
  6. Let the resume speak for itself
  7. Proofread several times over

CLICK HERE for the full blog.

List of This Week's Career Workshops

Monday, November 9

  • California State University-Long Beach - LinkedIn Lab: Building Your Profile
  • University of California-Riverside - Successful Interviewing Skills
  • University of California-Santa Barbara - Finding and getting the job you want - the interview
  • University of Florida - The Academic Interview: Strategies for Success
  • University of Florida - Networking workshop
  • University of Georgia - Social Media and the Job Search
  • University of Maryland - Professional use of social media in the workplace workshop
  • University of Maryland-Baltimore County - Inside Scoop: Finance & Accounting

Tuesday, November 10

  • Adelphi University - Professionalism
  • California State University-Long Beach - Choosing Your Major Workshop
  • California State University-Stanislaus - Career Connection networking reception
  • University of Arizona - Sustainability Panel
  • University of California-Riverside - Social Media in Your Job Search
  • University of California-Santa Barbara - Create a Great Resume & Cover Letter
  • University of Connecticut - Five crucial elements for effective job searching
  • University of Georgia - Careers in Hollywood
  • University of Nebraska-Omaha - How to Get Into Nonprofit Careers
  • University of South Carolina - Career Conversations: Government & Non-Profit

Wednesday, November 11

  • City University of New York-Queens College - What are Employers Looking for in a Job Candidate
  • Robert Morris University - Veteran Networking Event
  • Texas Tech University - Networking with LinkedIn
  • University of Georgia - Salary Negotiations and Choosing an Offer
  • University of Georgia - COE Alumni Panel Discussion: Life After COE
  • University of Maryland-Baltimore County - Intern Conference
  • University of Oregon - Business Connect (networking activities)
  • University of Tampa - Speed Networking Night

Thursday, November 12

  • California State University-Long Beach - Networking 101
  • Minnesota State University Moorhead - Major Mingle
  • Robert Morris University - Pathways to Federal Employment
  • University of California-San Diego - Networking Tips
  • University of California-San Diego - Finding an Internship/Job Search
  • University of California-Santa Barbara - Succeed in the interview and hiring process
  • University of Central Florida - Networking Strategies
  • University of Central Florida - Social Networking Strategies (for career purposes)
  • University of Rhode Island - Boot Camp
  • University of Tampa - The Art of Mingling workshop

Friday, November 13

  • Appalachian State University - McLeod Entrepreneur Summit
  • University of Tampa - Professional Etiquette Dinner
  • University of California-Berkeley - Job Search Essentials: Top 10 Job/Internship Search Strategies

University of Arizona Students and Alumni

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