E-News Bulletin - October 13 2014

A large number of career workshops and fairs take place this week on college campuses across the country. We're doing our best to promote them all, but make sure you find ones closest to you. This week's E-News issue promotes activities at two of our campus affiliates, as well as career planning tips. A special promotion for one of our employer partners rounds out the issue.

Reasons to attend a career fair

There are several reasons why students should attend and, more importantly, actively participate at career fairs:

  • Meet potential employers.

  • Gather information to help chose a major.

  • Be evaluated on more than just the resume.

  • Obtain information about careers to consider.

  • Learn more about jobs.

  • Make a good impression with a professional in a specific industry or representing a desirable company.

  • Increase the chances of the resume being considered.

  • Increase personal/professional network by collecting contact information from business/nonprofit leaders.

  • Introduces to the realities of the job search.

  • Escalates the possibility of meeting a fraternity/sorority alum, who recognizes the values and skills associated with Greek Life.

  • Prompts students to do something about their resumé writing and interviewing skills.

  • Provides a chance to polish networking skills.

  • Great opportunity for situational leadership.

  • Students and employers, registered in the Greek Ladders Career Network, will be able strengthen their relationships by meeting in person.

  • There’s a chance to be signed up for an interview on the spot!

In order to maximize the career fair experience, students must be active participants and not just “window shop” when walking past the many booths. It is essential to chat with the employer representatives and ask meaningful questions.

Arizona All-Greek Resume Review - Wednesday

Students will have their resumes reviewed by professional leaders. The review might give students insight into hiring processes, best practices, and recommendations.

Featured reviewers:
Dee Devincinzo - Talent Acquisition Specialist, Enterprise Holdings
Elisabeth Ferrell - University Sales Recruiter, Yelp!
Lisa Macafee - Vice President of Human Resources, Crescent Crown Distributing

October 15, 2014 at 6pm - 7pm
Kappa Sigma Fraternity
Library/Chapter Room
Reserve a spot in line

Career Planning Tip

Identify your goals and create your career plan. Goals reflect what you want to accomplish to improve yourself and to move forward with your career. They ensure that you are headed in the right direction and help you achieve your aspirations quickly and efficiently.

Nevada Career Fair - Bonus Referral

We created a unique referral initiative to encourage Nevada fraternity and sorority members to make the most of the University of Nevada Fall Career Fair. It’s more than just a referral, it’s our invitation to leverage each opportunity and take your career planning to an exciting level.

CLICK HERE for the simple steps


Take advantage of this week's workshops and receptions at the University of Nevada:

Oct 13 10am Interview Skills Workshop - Drop-In
Oct 13 6pm Resume Workshop - Masters Students
Oct 14 10am Prepare for the Fair
Oct 15 4:30pm Career Fair Networking Reception
Oct 16 10am All Majors Career & Internship Fair

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