E-News Bulletin - October 27 2014

There's a great deal to share in this week's issue. We created an exciting new partnership, posted several new jobs/internships, recruited more employers, and made career profiles visible to employers. These exciting developments definitely boost the potential for ideal career connections.

Introducing inqiri

We established a partnership with Reno-based, inqiri, to conduct a true analysis of needs and obstacles facing college students as they begin planning their careers. Here's part of a press release we issued...

The inqiri solution provides organizations with a structured, objective, rational technique for improving decisions. Greek Ladders matches employers with ideal talent, while connecting candidates to career coaching and, naturally, internship and full-time job opportunities. Together, Greek Ladders and inqiri will dig to the root of each obstacle facing both employers and candidates, in the realm of employment recruitment, to provide more responsive, efficient, and long-lasting solutions. 

Most immediately, Greek Ladders will implement the inqiri system at two campuses: the University of Nevada and the University of Arizona. "We targeted these two because the fraternities and sororities on both campuses have really embraced the Greek Ladders model and they're in our backyards," says Pete Parker, co-founder of Greek Ladders. "We're planted in Tucson and Reno, affording us a greater hand-on participation with understanding candidate and employer connection needs."

"We're excited to apply our collective intelligence application on the university level," says James Elste, co-founder of inqiri. "We've used our system to help businesses better understand employee engagement, but this will open new doors to employee recruitment, particularly with new young professional hires."

CLICK HERE for the entire press release.

All-Greek Resume Review for Nevada Greeks

Business leaders will be on hand to review resumes and talk to fraternity and sorority members about careers this Wednesday at 5:30 in the University of Nevada student union.

CLICK HERE for details and RSVP to ensure that your resume will be reviewed.


Welcome AXA Advisors

AXA Advisors of Arizona recently joined the Greek Ladders Career Network. We'll provide more details about this great company, but below is a brief introduction.

"We are part of a leading global company in insurance and asset management. We create innovative products and offer a better quality of service.  We promote an open working environment and provide challenging and empowering jobs with strong expertise and learning opportunities."

Expect to see more information and jobs added to the Job Board.


Seven Basic Cover Letter Rules

The cover letter is a very important part of your job application. While the resume gives the employer a good idea of your skills and experience, the cover letter describes why you should be considered. It also illustrates your writing skills. Because it’s such a vital component of the job application, here are basic rules to remember.

  • Have a plan

  • Research the employer

  • Describe yourself

  • Build a personal connection

  • Be concise

  • Let the resume speak for itself

  • Proofread

Because every reviewer looks for different strengths in cover letters and resumes, keeping things clear, concise and consistent will impress any employer. Always be specific in your examples and be sure to follow up, and get ready for the interviews.

CLICK HERE for a full description of the seven rules.

Career Profiles Now Live

Perhaps this should have been the lead story for this week's E-News Bulletin, because it's a potential game-changer for everyone using the Greek Ladders Career Network. Effective immediately, employers can view each candidate's career profile.

Beginning today, employers will receive access to a listing of candidates, arranged in order of Career Capital. They'll use the listing to identify potential interns and full-time employees, as well as candidates with whom they wish to build relationships.

This presents candidates with an incredible opportunity to get noticed by outstanding employers.

If you have not taken a moment to update your career profile, please click over to the "Connect" button and find "Career Profile" to complete your profile. Listed below are the various items which employers will be able to learn about you.

  • Greek Affiliation

  • Education

  • Chapter and Campus Involvement

  • Career Interests

  • Upload Your Resume

The information you provide will create a strong profile for potential employers to gain a greater understanding of your interests, experiences, and skills

CLICK HERE for the Career Builder page.


Newly Added Job Postings

A few jobs/internships were added to the Job Board last week, including:
Dunlap & Laxalt Attorneys - Runner/File Clerk
Greek Ladders - Campus Rep - University of Nevada
Amazon - Area Manager - Phoenix
Yelp - Account Manager - Phoenix
Greek Ladders - Campus Rep - University of Arizona

That's it for this week's issue. As always, don't hesitate to email us for answers any questions or to make any suggestions. Also, be sure to keep track of us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn...@GreekLadders for all.

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