E-News Bulletin - September 22 2014

The fall semester continues to be highlighted by new excitement, candidates, employers, and events...all aimed at increasing career opportunities and connections. Enjoy this weekly issue featuring a career profile builder, career planning tip, key career events, and new partners.

New website feature: Career Profile Builder

The new Career Network system, enables candidates to provide a wide array of information, as a means of enhancing their appeal to prospective employers.
Career Profile Builder

Each time candidates visit www.GreekLadders.com, we encourage them to "sign in" to the network. Either from the "Join" page or our Career Profile Builder webpage (shown here), candidates may update their profiles. The areas we're currently targeting are:

  • Affiliation - updating organization and campus affiliations, helps Greek Ladders staff to run queries for employers targeting specific campuses;
  • Education - academic information, such as major, minor, field of study, and gpa make targeting candidates much easier;
  • Involvement - perhaps the most sought after section, candidates may describe their campus, chapter, and community involvement;
  • Interests - completing this section enables Greek Ladders staff to more readily connect candidates with potential employers; and,
  • Resume - candidates are encouraged to upload their resumes.

Looking for ways to increase interest and involvement of job-seeking candidates, the new features foster greater connections, guidance, and support to candidates seeking internships and full-time employment.

Career Planning Tip - Meet College Leaders

Getting to know college administrators is always a great idea. They have your best interests at hand and are there to help. Many of them are plugged into industry leaders, businesses, research, and events. Developing active relationships with administrators should lead to better academic performance, job and internship leads, employment referrals, and great advice. Be sure to make contact with school leaders on a regular basis.

Upcoming Career Events

Greek Ladders coordinates, facilitates, and presents many workshops each semester. Below are upcoming events, which may appear on or near the campus of your choice. You are encouraged to RSVP, thereby saving a seat at the events. Please note that each event is subject to change, based on student interest, speaker recruitment, and RSVPs. With this, if you plan to participate, please let us know right away.

Tuesday, September 23
University of Nevada - Resume Review & Networking Workshop
Featured Employers: Eldorado Hotel & Casino, New York Life, Silver Legacy Resort & Casino
Click here for details and to RSVP

Wednesday, September 24
University of Arizona - Job Search Workshop
Presenter: Pete Corrigan, Eller School of Business
Click here for details and to RSVP

Future events include:
October 1 - The Ohio State University Career Workshop - Networking - Details/RSVP
   Important note - the event is "tentative." Stay tuned for details.

October 7 - University of Nevada Career Workshop - Career Planning - Details/RSVP

October 9 - University of Arizona Career Workshop - Careers in Sports - Details/RSVP


Don't miss any of these. Save a seat and boost your Career Capital!

Welcome New Chapter Affiliates

We're excited to add the following chapters to the growing roster of Chapter Affiliates. These chapters have created partnerships with Greek Ladders to provide their members with greater career development programming and employer connectivity. Those recently joining this free initiative are:

  • Alpha Delta Pi - University of Arizona
  • Alpha Epsilon Phi - University of Arizona
  • Alpha Epsilon Pi - University of Arizona
  • Delta Sigma Phi - University of Arizona
  • Delta Tau Delta - University of Arizona
  • Sigma Phi Epsilon - The Ohio State University

We welcome these chapters and each of their members (students and alumni/ae) to the Greek Ladders family. We're looking forward to guiding you towards career development success.

If your chapter is missing from our roster of Chapter Affiliates, click here to learn more and sign up!


Visit the website for the latest information, events, and opportunities. Connecting employers to job-seeking candidates is our ultimate goal. Let us know if I can help in any way.

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