Echo Global Recruits Strong Teams

Echo Global knows the journey from average to extraordinary starts with work ethic. Echo team members reap the rewards of their endurance and take pride in going the extra mile for their clients and coworkers. Their teams work both harder and smarter to deliver great results. Their hustle is on call 24/7 because they know that providing excellent service isn’t always easy, but it is always worth it.


In 2005 Echo began with one simple objective — to take the "complicated" out of transportation management for its clients. They simplify the critical tasks involved in transportation management so their clients can focus on what they do best. The promise of providing an exceptional service experience is at the core of what they do.

Echo Global is guided by a core set of beliefs that are more than just words. They are its compass and its navigation system for how they serve clients, partners and each other. They strive to uphold the Echo Way every day.

Echo Global Logistics seeks new Carrier Sales Representatives, who know that the journey from average to extraordinary starts with work ethic.

Carrier Sales Representatives source and procure the carrier services that will physically move freight for clients. Top priority is ensuring timely pick-up and delivery of customer freight while building and maintaining relationships with carriers. Masters of negotiation, they secure the best rates on a spot or transactional basis. They thrive in an ever-changing environment, taking a proactive approach in learning the pricing and capacity fluctuations in the truckload shipping market.

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