Eldorado - Project Coordinator

This position is an abbreviation of the Web Developer position where the individual may still be fine-tuning programming skill-sets and in need of some mentorship by the department lead.  This individual’s primary responsibility (outside of participating in web-related projects and tasks) will be to assist the department lead with project definitions, prioritization, assignment and resource management.  Project timelines, supportive task outlines, scope creep, hourly usage and project queues will be provided as needed for department lead and external management review.
EXAMPLE OF DUTIES/ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: (Includes, but is not limited to the following.)
  • Coordinate delivery of development (beta) and production releases that meet quality assurance standards.
  • Assist test team in creating test plans and testing efforts.
  • Create and maintain a information technology project plan that communicates tasks, milestone dates, status and resource allocation.
  • Assist technical team in design and development tasks.
  • Utilize software life-cycle methodology.
  • Write code to generate web pages, access databases and business logic servers.
  • Work with with designers and content producers.
  • Test and document software for web sites.
  • Write, modify, and debug software for web sites.



  • B.S in Computer related field or 3 – 5 years related job experience


  • Handle basic administration functions and provide analysis and documentation of certain project aspects.
  • Act as a liaison between end users and development staff.
  • Coordinate meetings and manage detailed project plans to support software/hardware.
  • Experience creating production quality interactions for web and for mobile web
  • Balanced fluency in Javascript HTML and CSS or willingness to learn and own the entire Front End suite
  • Competency in taking wireframes and high fidelity mocks and implementing them on the browser
  • Proven ability to think on your feet and learn quickly
  • Strong teamwork skills

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