Today’s highly competitive employee recruitment world has employers spending considerable time and money to find the ideal candidates to their companies. Their recruitment of college students and young professionals places them on campuses and in communities across the country, where they attend career fairs, present at small workshops, and interface with career-related staff members. As a result, the candidates, career specialists, and recruiters can be overwhelmed with scores of names, some information, and a bit of frustration.

Greek Ladders serves as an active liaison between recruiters and job-seekers.

Employers using Greek Ladders as a resource benefit in multiple ways, including:

  • Post jobs - employers may post as many jobs as they wish. They can even select their preferred organization(s) from which to consider applicants. Click here to register for this great opportunity to showcase positions in front of thousands of students and recent graduates.
  • View potential candidates - using our Job Board enables employers to view resumes of potential hires. Click here for details and to get started.
  • Speak to current students - we host multiple sessions throughout the school year, where employers can speak to small-to-large groups at a time, either as a stand-alone speaker or on a panel. There may also be networking, Zoom sessions, and other career development activities, where representatives can connect with students. Click here to indicate interest and join the speaker list.
  • Introductions to job-seekers - in addition to the speaking opportunities, we routinely introduce employers to students, particularly for specific searches or positions. 

We invite businesses and non-profit organizations to work with us to meet their campus recruiting and hiring objectives. We'll do all we can to connect you to outstanding young talent.