E-News Bulletin - September 15 2014

The bulletin provides information and advice for fraternity and sorority members and their career planning.

Career Advice for Greeks

The idea of career planning is very intimidating to many college students. Whether you’re a freshmen and not entirely consumed with taking the right steps, or a senior facing the imminence of post-collegiate life, the thought of career development can fill students with varying levels of fear.

Rather than approach your career with fear and intimidation, be proactively positive and confident. The experience and knowledge you acquires during your college years, both in and out of the classroom, will develop skills that will be applied in careers and employment settings.

Click here for 16 suggestions for being proactive with career planning.

Visit Greek Ladders Often

We're constantly adding new partners, employers, and job/internship postings. Visit the site, regularly, for career planning best practices and connections to employers. When you're at the Greek Ladders website, you'll also be able to:

At Greek Ladders, we're continually adding new ways to enhance your career appeal.

Boost Your Career Fair Experience

We recognize that career fairs can be intimidating and difficult to navigate. Whether you’re a freshman, who’s attending to “window shop” and gain an initial understanding of the fair, or a senior looking to find the ideal first job, we want to make the career fair experience fun and meaningful for both students and employers.

We created a unique referral initiative to encourage fraternity and sorority members to make the most of the career fair experience. It’s more than just a referral, it’s our invitation to leverage each opportunity and take your career planning to an exciting level.

Click here to get started.

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