Epsilon-Phi (Texas Tech University)

Epsilon-Phi Chapter

Kappa Sigma Fraternity

Texas Tech University



Greek Ladders Involvement:

Many of our organization’s members have had difficulties finding both internships and work after graduation. The Eagle Program offered through our national’s is of little to no help, and our in house alumni that stay actively involved can only do so much. This would be great opportunity for many members to showcase themselves to a broader group of people who are specifically looking to hire.


Leadership & Career Philosophy:

Our leadership focuses on the accountability of each member, whether on day to day conduct, or by performance of their duties in a held position. Our career philosophy is an ask and receive type. Meaning that coming to parents and alumni events and networking is the only way to put yourself out there for help/advice on careers.


Key links

Texas Tech University Career Center – be sure to take advantage of what the Center has to offer


Greek Ladders Career Calendar – check often to see if there’s a career-related workshop, reception, or fair at the chapter house or elsewhere on campus

Student Spotlight form – be recommended to potential employers

Chapter Career Mentor Program – learn more about what the program could look like


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