Eta (Randolph-Macon College)

Eta Chapter

Kappa Sigma Fraternity

Randolph-Macon College




Greek Ladders Involvement:

The chapter is excited to establish connections with fellow brothers in order to get a good head start once brothers graduate college.


Leadership & Career Philosophy:

The chapter believes that every brother should be actively involved in campus groups. The only reason a brother would be asked not to do so is when their grades have put them in bad standing. The chapter also encourages brothers to connect with alumni on order to help them secure a career once having graduated. They have access to an extensive alumni list of over 600 brothers.


Key links

Randolph-Macon College Career Center – be sure to take advantage of what the Center has to offer


Greek Ladders Career Calendar – check often to see if there’s a career-related workshop, reception, or fair at the chapter house or elsewhere on campus

Student Spotlight form – be recommended to potential employers

Chapter Career Mentor Program – learn more about what the program could look like


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