Exciting enhancements made for 2016/2017 campus recruitment

We’re pleased to share exciting new enhancements for the upcoming school year.

Fueled by the consistent growth of our career network, the number of candidate and employer users, frequency of event participants, and feedback from everyone, the following additions have been implemented in advance of the school year’s recruitment campaign.

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Additions benefiting employers

  • Candidate sourcing to employers. The candidates will be pre-screened.
  • Increased promotions through social media, including live-streamed interviews and conversations.
  • Career fair training for employer representatives.
  • Introduction of candidates prior to career fairs conducted on Tier 1 and Tier 2 campuses.
  • Receive invitations and reminders of Greek Ladders and campus career events.
  • Newly added tier campuses: Arizona State University and University of Kentucky

CLICK HERE to view descriptions of offerings and pricing, and to register into the Career Network.


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Additions benefiting student candidates

  • Students will be introduced to employers more frequently and proactively than in the past. To qualify for the introductions, students may be required to complete a certain degree of their online career profile and submit a resume.
  • Upon joining the Greek Ladders Career Network, each student’s social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) will be reviewed.
  • Upon joining the Career Network, students will be invited to conduct an in-person meeting or phone call to help Greek Ladders better understand career interests, and answer questions.
  • Development of career certification models for candidates and chapters (which can be applied for all clubs/organizations) affiliated with partner campuses.

CLICK HERE to register into the Career Network. There’s no cost to join!



Should you wish additional information, don't hesitate to email us your questions. We'll either reply or schedule a time to talk.


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