ForCollegeForLife was launched in 2014 with the mission of assisting individuals, organizations and schools to reach their full potential through practical, inspirational and aspirational writing, speaking and coaching.  Founder and CEO Casey J. Cornelius spent more than a decade in higher education as a faculty member, administrator, speaker and mentor and sought out to develop a company with the vision of being a recognized leader in the world of higher education; fostering a network of students, campus leaders and experts dedicated to success; and to providing meaningful service to students.

In March, 2015, ForCollegeForLife took a major step in fulfilling the vision of creating a network of experts in education by launching its first roster of Speakers.  The collective talents and energy of its team is extraordinary and each, in their distinctive ways, share specialized knowledge and wisdom to help students see their potential and the skills necessary to realize it. 

The team at ForCollegeForLife shares a series of values which define not only its culture, but also how the company interacts with the educational world; they are Excellence, Energy, Fun, Personalization, Service, Big Ideas, Collaboration, Mentorship and Passion. 

If you are interested in connecting with the ForCollegeForLife team, booking an event or appearance, or discussing ways to collaborate, please contact them today.


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