Get ready for the Nevada Fall Career Fair

The upcoming career fair presents University of Nevada students with an incredible opportunity to meet potential employers. The career fair, itself, is just one of the opportunities available to students.

Not every student attends a campus career fair. In fact, many students feel that they don't need to attend. Some assume that jobs will fall from the sky, be offered through their respective schools, or they'll worry about finding a job when the time comes. No matter the situation, students will eventually need to secure employment.

Nevada students may not get hired at the October 14 career fair. Only a handful may actually participate in an interview. But, the opportunities presented because of the career fair could create a pathway of professional success. Here's how...

On October 7, business leaders will be on campus to review resumes, participate in mock interviews, and host career planning workshops. Their advice and feedback will be beyond incredible and will most likely set a number of students far ahead of their peers in the job hunting race. The secondary benefit (maybe greater than the advice) is the professional connection each student will make with the employers. These relationships might easily develop into working partnerships, future clients, business-to-business referrals, and job references. Spending time interacting with industry leaders could be the most valuable part of the career fair experience!

On the evening of October 13, which is the night before the career fair, a strong number of employment recruiters will attend a networking reception in the Joe. As much as they'll like the finger snacks and refreshments, they'll be there to meet with students. Again, no offense to the career fair, the networking reception presents a great opportunity to interact with employers. It's a social setting, giving students a great opportunity to meet leaders in a "non-work" environment.

The All Majors Career Fair is October 14. Around fifty employers will host information tables in the JCSU Ballrooms. Most students will "window shop" by walking around the room, looking at the business names, peering at brochures and give-aways, smiling at recruiters as they walk by, and stopping at employer tables which they think are most connected to their majors. Don't be this student. We recommend walking into the room with a plan. In fact, we recommend students to:

  • review the list of employers in attendance
  • create a "preferred" or "priority" list of employers to target
  • conduct research on their short list of employers
  • visit each of these employers, ready to learn more and ask/answer questions
  • time permitting, walk around the room again and visit with the many other employers

The career fair brings around fifty employers to the Joe to meet with students. Each brings between two to four representatives. Simple math suggests that each student could add up to 200 industry leaders to their networks. These contacts could be incredibly helpful with landing jobs, getting settled in new jobs, and achieving success wherever they end up working.

Other benefits provided to students because of the career fair experience include:

  • having resumes reviewed by hiring experts and industry leaders
  • practicing job interviews and receiving feedback from professionals
  • learning about personal branding and proper self-promotion
  • identifying new ways to find jobs and internships
  • practicing networking and communication skills
  • seeing what job searching is all about

The career fair will not land every student a new job. But, if used to its full potential, there's no doubt that it will open the doors to years and years of success!

We recommend that students participate in, at least, one of the upcoming events. However, we strongly encourage students to take advantage of the Career Fair Prep Day (Oct. 7), Career Fair Networking Reception (Oct. 13), AND the All Majors Career Fair (Oct. 14).

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