Greek Ladders overview

Greek Ladders is designed as a great tool for job-seekers and employers, serving as a guide, facilitator, resource, opportunity, connector, and more. It is a catalyst toward presenting new hires, which fulfill recruitment goals.

Often asked about the "hows" and "whys," here's insight into the Greek Ladders model. To start, the company was founded and continues to operate in response critical needs personally identified in the recruitment world (e.g. workplace issues, recruitment mismatches, questionable skilled labor, inability to connect with candidates, etc.). All ideas, actions, and goals arise because of the passion and enthusiasm of the company's founders and representative leaders.


Who is Greek Ladders?

Greek Ladders is a team of professionals sharing a quest to connecting job-seeking candidates with employers, and vice versa. We’re all current or alumni/ae members of Greek-letter organizations doing what we can to help fellow Greeks get a leg up in the job search (or recruitment) world.

Where is Greek Ladders located?

That’s a two-answer question. Greek Ladders manages two primary offices in Tucson, Arizona (managed by Matt Noble) and Reno, Nevada (managed by Pete Parker). Both managers are co-founders and primary shareholders in the company.

Greek Ladders is currently represented on 60+ different college campuses. With no barrier to entry, such as cost, students and alumni/ae join the career network at any time.

On four of those campuses (Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, and Ohio State), Greek Ladders created and continues to develop strong, “affiliate” relationships. The campuses feature chapter and campus representatives, coordinated workshops, and employers targeting the schools.

With whom does Greek Ladders work?

  • Students – current members of fraternities and sororities seeking internship and post-graduate job opportunities;
  • Alumni/ae – past fraternity and sorority members interested in mentoring, speaking, and/or career advancement;
  • Chapters – individual fraternity and sorority chapters interested in four-year career development programming;
  • Campuses – fraternity and sorority life offices and campus career centers interested in providing additional professional development (career-specific) resources; and,
  • Employers – businesses and non-profit organizations seeking to brand products and services, establish relationships with candidates, and recruit to fill jobs and internships.

What does Greek Ladders offer?

  • Coaching
    • One-on-one guidance
    • Resume reviews
    • Career profile development
    • Career planning best practices
  • Introductions
    • Career workshops
    • Networking receptions
    • Product and service branding
    • Candidate spotlighting
  • Connections
    • Online career network
    • Direct linking
    • Job/internship mapping
    • Mentor matching
    • Personal references

Through affinity partnerships, we provide value-added opportunities to everyone using the career network. The ultimate goal is to connect candidates seeking internships, full-time jobs, and career advancements with ideal opportunities.

How much does Greek Ladders cost?

  • Those using the career network for free include:
    • Students
    • Alumni/ae
    • Chapters
    • Campuses
  • Those using the network for a fee are employers through two simple entry points:
    • Access to candidates – employers gain access to candidates affiliated with just one campus or all candidates using the career network (includes complimentary job postings); and,
    • Job postings – employers wishing to only post available positions on the job board.

How to get started?

It’s simple, just click on the link that best represents your interest(s).

  • Candidate – seeking internships, first full-time jobs, or career advancements;
  • Mentor – interested in connecting with members of the same chapter or campus to provide career insight, experiences, best practices, and connections.
  • Speaker – interested in speaking to chapters or larger campus groups about career planning.
  • Employer – two options: targeting candidates for branding, speaking, relationship, and hiring purposes; or, posting jobs on the job board.



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