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Businesses and non-profit organizations typically seek self-starting, confident, interested, and engaged employees and interns. They’re looking for more than just book-smart individuals…they’re seeking the right fit. Employers are recruiting candidates who possess leadership qualities, understand the hiring process, and have done their homework on the employers and their available positions.

We created GreekLaddersU to provide tools and resources, as well as opportunities to connect via speaking and mentoring, as means to not only secure the ideal position, but to excel in it. 

While a number of resources are found on these pages, the vast majority reside within the official career network. To get the most out all of the resources, job-seekers are strongly encouraged to manage a free career profile. Click here to join the career network. It's free for job-seekers.

The following are featured in the Greek Ladders YOU section:

We take the perspective that launching the ideal career doesn’t happen overnight and with no planning. Rather, it’s the culmination of hard work in the classroom, involvement on campus and in the community, development of strong relationships, and extra-curricular training.

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